10 Best Winter Hair Care Tips (Plus Bonus Hair Inspiration!)


Winter is the toughest season on our skin and nails, isn’t it? This cold weather zaps us of every ounce of moisture, and ouch! We can feel it!

But often times our hair takes just as much seasonal abuse without us even noticing! Becoming dry and brittle, seized by static, all sad and split at the ends, until one day it is just a knotted, tangled mess and we wonder–how did we let it get this far? Oh winter, you cruel mistress.

After the jump, some basic winter hair care tips that will save your tresses (with bonus inspirational hair style images and how-tos–I am obsessed with some of these simple, messy updos!).

This year, we’ll keep your hair as luscious and soft as the rest of you. Promise.

  • Get A Good Cut 1 of 10
    Get A Good Cut
    At the beginning of the season, get yourself to a hair dresser and get yourself a good hair cut (or even just a trim). Ends that are already split will split even faster, so start fresh and give your hair its best possible chance of withstanding upcoming temperature extremes!
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  • Take A Shampoo Break 2 of 10
    Take A Shampoo Break
    You're heard it before--because it's true! Give your tresses a break from all the sudsing, especially in the winter. Your hair's oils are there for a reason, and overcleansing can strip your head of all that good stuff. If your hair tends to revolt without it's daily dose of soap, don't forget every lazy girl's best friend: the dry shampoo. The good news is, with training, your hair WILL learn to regulate its oils and you'll be able to make it a day (or even two!) without washing and still look fresh as a daisy. Promise!
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  • Skip The Blow Out 3 of 10
    Skip The Blow Out
    Take a break from heat tools during the winter months, if you can. Try letting your hair dry naturally, using finger waves, or embracing your head's natural unruliness. If you absolutely can't part with your straight iron, switch to ceramic heat sources and use heat serums and sprays before you flatten or curl.
    This hair inspiration (and how-to!) found via Martha Stewart Weddings
  • Condition Condition Condition 4 of 10
    Condition Condition Condition
    Are you conditioning your hair? Good then. Now's the time to boost your conditioning oomph by using the creamiest formulation you can find. Be sure to deep condition at least once a week. (If you don't feel like springing for the extra product, you can use your daily conditioner for this, but leave it in longer--at least five minutes--before rinsing.)
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  • Try A Treatment 5 of 10
    Try A Treatment
    Your hair needs all the the help it can get, between the whipping winds and hot, dry indoor heat. Try making up a DIY hair treatment! Use enough yogurt to coat your strands and add in anything from a few drops of honey (for extra moisture) or raw eggs (for strength). Let hair sit for 30 minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water.
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  • Think Cold! 6 of 10
    Think Cold!
    Know what's really bad for your hair (and skin)? Those scalding hot showers. Try taming the temps in your daily shower, and even blast your tresses with cold water at the end. Your hair will shine like a quarter.
    This hair inspiration found via The Beauty Department
  • Beat That Static 7 of 10
    Beat That Static
    Static is the worst! Especially in winter. To combat the electrified look, spray a bit of hairspray into your brush and give your hair a few light sweeps. But don't brush too much, you'll just make it worse!
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  • Let Me Clarify This 8 of 10
    Let Me Clarify This
    Ladies, now is NOT the time for a deep cleansing clarifying shampoo. Just take that clarifying shampoo bottle and shelve that sucker!
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  • Take Care When Wet 9 of 10
    Take Care When Wet
    If you're using a brush on your hair while wet, then tsk tsk to you. When your hair is wet it is super prone to snapping, leaving even more gnarly ends to the ravages of winter air. Use a wide-toothed comb, or your fingers with conditioner in the shower, and wait it out till dry before you brush through. (Showering at night will really help tame your temptation to get-on-with-it-and-brush. We know you have things to do in the morning!) Also, in the winter you should never leave the house with wet hair exposed. Your hair is at risk of freezing and breaking! And wouldn't that be terrible?
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  • One Last Tip 10 of 10
    One Last Tip
    Your hair is dry, your hands are dry, your lips are dry. It's the driest season! Here's a pro tip from my favorite stylist: When you're applying lip balm or lotion to any part of your body, run the excess through the ends of your hair. Instant static taming and a good boost of moisture. (My stylist even recommends using straight-up lotion as a leave-in treatment!)
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