10 Bursts of Color For Your Spring Wardrobe



I am really excited about spring and all the pops of pretty colors that come with it. Here are 10 perfect ways to add a little color to your spring wardrobe this year! Which will you try?

  • Bright Cropper Pants 1 of 10
    Bright Cropper Pants
    I am in love with the color of these pants. So pretty and bright!
    Buy them here for $49.50 at Gap.
  • Colorblocked Shirt 2 of 10
    Colorblocked Shirt
    A simple tee with some colorblocked colors in there. It would look awesome with a spring blazer.
    Buy it here for $19.99 at Gap.
  • Pullover 3 of 10
    For more casual days, this pullover is kind of perfect. And I love the purple belt with it!
    Buy it here for $34.95 at Gap.
  • Button Up 4 of 10
    Button Up
    A mint button up just puts a smile on my face.
    Buy it here for $24.95 at H&M.
  • Green Jeggings 5 of 10
    Green Jeggings
    These might be my favorite. I would be tempted to wear them every day!
    Buy them here for $24.95 at H&M.
  • Sweet Shorts 6 of 10
    Sweet Shorts
    How adorable are these little shorts? I love them with this shirt too.
    Buy them here for $45 at J Crew.
  • Thread Belt 7 of 10
    Thread Belt
    Add some texture to your wardrobe with this threaded belt. The pops of pink are fantastic!
    Buy it here for $39.50 at J Crew.
  • Striped Socks 8 of 10
    Striped Socks
    Have you seen the socks poking out under your pants look? I love it and these socks would be the perfect pair to complete that look.
    Buy them here for $12.50 at J Crew.
  • Pastel Pencil Skirt 9 of 10
    Pastel Pencil Skirt
    This whole outfit is more than a pop of color, but isn't it fantastic? The skirt is especially amazing.
    Buy it here for $110 at J Crew.
  • Polka Dot Pastel Jeans 10 of 10
    Polka Dot Pastel Jeans
    Some fun polka dot jeans in a pretty pastel. You know you want some.
    Buy them here for $19 at Old Navy.

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