10 Classic Toys


Every year there are new, trendy toys that top kids wish lists, but what about all the classics we loved to play with when we were kids? The website Loyal Robot has a cache of nostalgic toys that will take you back to your childhood and remind you of all the toys you loved. They also have links to eBay auctions where you can reclaim some of your favorites to share with a new generation of kids.

  • Etch-A-Sketch 1 of 10
    These are still so entertaining - and with a little patience, you can make some really impressive drawings!
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  • Lincoln Logs 2 of 10
    Lincoln Logs
    These interlocking logs are such a great classic building toy.
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  • Slinky 3 of 10
    We'd have hours of fun sending these down the stairs, until they got tangled into a knot!
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  • Spirograph 4 of 10
    I forgot about Spirograph's - these were so fun because you never knew exactly how they'd turn out. If you haven't played with one before, you insert gear shaped discs into a guide and use a pen to trace out mesmerizing designs.
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  • Ray Guns and Space Toys 5 of 10
    Ray Guns and Space Toys
    I can imagine my boys having so much fun with vintage space toys like ray guns.
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  • Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots 6 of 10
    Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots
    I think kids would love to play with this, the precursor to video games.
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  • Duncan Yo-Yo 7 of 10
    Duncan Yo-Yo
    I'm tempted to find one of these for our toy box this year so I can see if I can still yo-yo!
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  • Marbles 8 of 10
    These are so beautiful and would be a really fun collection for a kid to start. You can find vintage marbles from so many different places.
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  • Green Army Men 9 of 10
    Green Army Men
    Your kids might already know about these guys from the movie Toy Story.
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  • Pez Dispensers 10 of 10
    Pez Dispensers
    A pez dispenser and some rolls of candy would be perfect tucked into a stocking. (Tip: You can buy new dispensers and candy refills on Amazon)
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