10 Cute DIY Couples Costumes For Halloween


Something that I don’t do often enough and really wish I did is to dress up as a couple for Halloween. There are so many adorable ideas out there and most of them are super easy to pull off! The problem that I think most women face (not all of course) is that the partner doesn’t like to dress up. Well, here are 10 cute DIY couples costumes for Halloween with a few that the men will go gaga over! I mean, how hard can it be to convince a guy to dress up as the man in black? Seriously. Check them out and have fun!

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  • Mr. & Mrs. Pacman 2 of 11
    couples 01

    How cute are these? It would be so fun to go to a Halloween party in these. Sure to be a huge hit! 

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  • Johnny & June 3 of 11
    couples 02

    You won't have any problem convincing your man to be Johnny Cash for Halloween. He'll love it! 

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  • Alice & The White Rabbit 4 of 11
    couples 03

    This ensemble would be so easy to put together. It's so cute and whimsical! 

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  • Mary & Bert 5 of 11
    couples 04

    I have seen so many variations of this one and they are all great. What woman doesn't want to be Mary Poppins deep down? I know I want a magic bag! 

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  • Tooth & Fairy 6 of 11
    couples 05

    It's cute. Admit it. I love the crown touch too. Makes him royal but also it's applicable to the whole tooth thing. Get it? 

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  • Gatsby & Daisy 7 of 11
    couples 06

    I'm betting this will be a big one this year with the movie and all. I just love dressing like I'm in the '20s. It's so much fun and classy at the same time. 

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  • Moonrise Kingdom 8 of 11
    couples 07

    Ok, this one is my favorite. I would love to be these two little lovebirds for Halloween! So, so cute. 

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  • A Couple Of Bandits 9 of 11
    couples 08

    How easy would this one be? You could do it with all black clothes, but I like the stripes. Of course. 

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  • Salt & Pepper 10 of 11
    couples 09

    Maybe the easiest one in this roundup. It's cute, right? Beware, you might have people trying to shake you all night. Just saying.

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  • Galileo & The Solar System 11 of 11
    couples 10

    How cute and clever is this? I think you might have a hard time getting your man to dress up like Galileo, but the sun on the belly is too cute. 

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