10 DIYs To Make Over Your Home From Little Green Notebook


One of my favorite home DIY blogs is Little Green Notebook. I love everything Jenny does! Her style is so chic and trendy, but I also love how bold she is. She does something that you might think wouldn’t work, and she totally rocks it. Like, blows your mind rocks it. She recently moved from NYC to a house in the Arizona suburbs, and her transformation for giving the house a facelift and adding her own flare to every nook and cranny is amazing. If you haven’t been an avid reader and follower of hers, you will be now! In case you are looking for some great, easy and affordable ways to give your house a little make over, here are 10 of my favorite DIYs from Little Green Notebook that I think you’ll love.

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  • Hardware 2 of 11
    LGN 01

    Whether you are buying new hardware or you just want a new look, a can of spray paint can go a long way! You can create a warm and chic look with so little effort. I love it! 

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  • Concrete Credenza 3 of 11
    LGN 02

    This concrete topped credenza is perfect. Concrete is very trendy and I just love the way it looks and feels. Especially against that gorgeous teal color. Plus, who doesn't love a credenza? 

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  • Lamp 4 of 11
    LGN 03

    Do you have a lamp that you love the shape but the color you could do without? Me too! It's easier than you might think to give that lamp a much needed facelift! 

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  • Sunburst Mirror 5 of 11
    LGN 04

    We all love sunbursts, right? Made popular by the art deco period? I have always love them and making my own sunburst mirror instead of shelling out the big bucks for one sounds great to me!

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  • Faux Wood 6 of 11
    LGN 05

    I love faux wood in my decorating. It brings a natural feel to the space while also bring some modernism to it. Basically, perfect right? This technique is so fun and easy. You have to try it!

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  • Office Chair 7 of 11
    LGN 06

    Ugly vinyl office chairs are a dime a dozen at your local thrift shop (almost) and we never buy them. But now we can! This simple tutorial will show you how to make that ugly chair fabulous with just a couple cans of paint!

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  • Plank Walls 8 of 11
    LGN 07

    I'm not usually a fan of plank walls, but these are just gorgeous. If you are a fan of the plank wall look and would like it in your home, you can see how and do it yourself! 

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  • Chandelier 9 of 11
    LGN 08

    Maybe the coolest chandelier ever. And you can make it yourself! A trip to the hardware store and a little big of elbow grease, and you can have a beautiful new chandelier in no time. 

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  • Black Shade 10 of 11
    LGN 09

    Have you noticed that nice black lamp shades are always so expensive? I tend to buy plain white ones because they are cheaper, but with this tutorial you can buy the white shade and turn it into this! Cool, right? 

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  • Faux Malachite 11 of 11
    LGN 10

    How gorgeous is this desk? Looks like it costs more than I would ever spend on a desk. But it didn't! It's totally affordable and totally DIY-able. Saturday project, here I come!

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