The 10 Best Kids Books for Winter


It is a little too cold outside for my taste. If you are in the same boat but are having a hard time keeping your kids busy while indoors this winter, try some new books! There are a lot of really fun, colorful and even educational books that are guaranteed to keep your little ones occupied and happy while cooped up inside the house. Here is a quick roundup of 10 of our favorite books for keeping warm indoors this winter. Check them out and enjoy!

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  • The Day The Crayons Quit 2 of 11
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    This is a new favorite of ours. It's hilarious, colorful and a lot of fun to read. I promise the kids will get a kick out of it. 


    Get it here for $9.03 from Amazon

  • I Want My Hat Back 3 of 11
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    This is such a funny book. The illustrations are so simple but cute and fun. It would be fun to act out this one, too! Each member of the family could be a different animal. Fun!


    Get it here for $12.72 from Amazon.

  • The Dark 4 of 11
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    This one seemed like it was going to be a little spooky, and it was at first. But in the end it was a sweet story. A great way to help a kid who might be afraid of the dark. 


    Get it here for $13.19 from Amazon.

  • Sparkle and Spin 5 of 11
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    This book is a fun one for learning new words. The simple and bold illustrations are my favorite part!


    Get it here for $12.75 from Amazon

  • The Lost Party 6 of 11
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    I honestly don't know what I love more about this book: the illustrations, which are amazing, or the story, which is adorable and funny. Really, I love everything about this book. 


    Get it here for $12.50 from Ash Mae

  • Where The Sidewalk Ends 7 of 11
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    Here's a classic that I grew up with and loved dearly. This is such a fun one for kids who are a little bit older and might be starting to read on their own. Trust me, they will read poem after poem and love it. 


    Get it here for $15.06 from Amazon

  • Stuck 8 of 11
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    This is a book that the adults will enjoy as well! The story is simple and hilarious and the illustrations are perfect for the quirky story. 


    Get it here for $11.78 from Amazon

  • Press Here 9 of 11
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    This is about as interactive as a book can get without requiring batteries and asprin. Every page is filled with colorful dots that you press to make them bigger, etc. 


    Get it here for $12.99 from Amazon

  • Harold and the Purple Crayon 10 of 11
    books 09

    And here's another timeless classic that the whole family will enjoy. Harold is just so cute. 


    Get it here for $6.84 from Amazon

  • Not a Box 11 of 11
    books 10

    This is one of my favorites! It's a great book and an excellent way to spark creativity. Gift it to your kids with a cardboard box, and see what they come up with!


    Get it here for $11.56 from Amazon

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