10 Favorite Office Organization Items From Poppin


If you don’t know Poppin, you are about to! Poppin is my favorite one stop shop for all things office and organized. They have so many different colors of pretty much any item so you are guaranteed to love it. And there is just something refreshing and exciting about getting all new office supplies to keep you organized, isn’t there? Here are my 10 favorite office organization items from Poppin!

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  • Pen Cup 2 of 11
    office 01

    My pens would look awesome in this fun bright pink pen cup! So useful and so cute. 

    Get it here for $6 from Poppin

  • Tray 3 of 11
    office 02

    Keep your smaller office supplies organized with this cute little tray. I love those little tacks too! 

    Get it here for $10 from Poppin

  • Collapsible Storage Box 4 of 11
    office 03

    A clean and simple storage box for your files, supplies, what have you. But there's a bonus! It is also collapsible! So when you don't need it you can break it down and stow it away. Genius. 

    Get it here for $12 from Poppin

  • Magnets 5 of 11
    office 04

    I never have enough magnets. They are either too weak or not big enough. These look perfect. 

    Get it here for $7 from Poppin

  • Gold Tacks 6 of 11
    office 05

    If you're a cork-board person, these tacks are for you. They are simple, useful and the gold is so chic! 

    Get them here for $9 from Poppin

  • File Folders 7 of 11
    office 06

    I'm kind of loving the pink, green and white of these folders. 

    Get them here for $15 from Poppin

  • Accordion Folder 8 of 11
    office 07

    I use a few of these for everything! Taxes, post ideas, recipes, you name it! I like this white and orange one. 

    Get it here for $12 from Poppin

  • Cable Box 9 of 11
    office 08

    Keep all your cords and cables straight and together with this cute and clean box. It comes in every color, so if blue isn't your thing, chances are they have on you'll love!

    Get it here for $30 from Poppin

  • Binder 10 of 11
    office 09

    A simple white binder waiting for all of your important office info. The little pops of blue are pretty nice too. 

    Get it here for $12 from Poppin

  • Dividers 11 of 11
    office 10

    And to go with that pretty white binder, what would be more perfect (or colorful!) than these dividers? The little tabs will help you remember what color is what. Handy, right? 

    Get them here for $5 from Poppin


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