10 Favorites From Ferm Living


Ferm living is one of my favorite home decor shops. Their style is fresh and modern and perfectly colorful. I really love that they have such a great variety of decor items for the whole house, including the kids’ rooms! There is something for everyone from Ferm Living. And although their prices can be more than I would like to pay, the quality is fantastic and the items are so unique, the prices seem pretty reasonable! Here are my top ten favorite home decor items from Ferm Living!

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  • Rain Drop Stickers 2 of 11
    ferm 01

    These stickers are so perfect for a kid's room. Or pretty much any room that needs a little more fun! They are removable and reposition-able so that's a bonus! 

    Get them here for $21 from Ferm Living

  • Waste Basket 3 of 11
    ferm 02

    Maybe one of the prettiest waste baskets I've seen. It would be a shame to use it for trash. 

    Get it here for $100 from Ferm Living

  • Geo Pillow 4 of 11
    ferm 03

    A fun patterned cushion in gorgeous neutral colors. Perfect for your living room, or even an accent pillow on the bed! 

    Get it here for $47 from Ferm Living

  • Jars 5 of 11
    ferm 04

    Aren't these jars gorgeous? The fact that they stack is both great and scary. They are far too pretty to topple and break. 

    Get it here for $72 from Ferm Living

  • House Cutting Board 6 of 11
    ferm 05

    This cutting board would make a gorgeous house warming gift. Pair it with some delicious cheeses and you're their favorite new neighbor. 

    Get it here for $66.76 from Ferm Living

  • Half Moon Bedding 7 of 11
    ferm 06

    I want this bedding. The crisp black and white scalloped pattern is so right up my ally. And I love the idea of adding a bunch of colorful pillows. Perfect! 

    Get it here for $95 from Ferm Living

  • Laundry Basket 8 of 11
    ferm 07

    To go with the perfect bedding, here is the perfect laundry basket. The leather handles really make it something special. Don't you think? 

    Get it here for $92 from Ferm Living

  • Tray 9 of 11
    ferm 08

    If you are in need of a new paper tray for your office, this is the one. The mint with the natural wood is stunning. It will get the job done, but in a gorgeous way. 

    Get it here for $42 from Ferm Living

  • Snake 10 of 11
    ferm 09

    Something awesome for the kids room! This snake has been on my wish list forever. So colorful and cuddly. Also, it's giant! 

    Get it here for $116.80 from Ferm Living

  • Striped Quilt 11 of 11
    ferm 10

    This little quilt is so much fun. Great for a new little one. Hint, hint. 

    Get it here for $65.60 from Ferm Living


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