10 Flowers + Veggies for Sun/Part Shade


I am so thrilled! I have a little garden plot for the spring/summer! Right now it’s a tangled mess but I have big dreams. The plot gets some sun and some shade, so I have been looking for flowers and veggies that will tolerate those conditions. I want to grow a cottage garden, which is a garden mixed with flowers, veggies, herbs and and basically everything! Here are some of the seeds I want to plant. Do you have a garden with some shade? What do you like to grow?

  • Heirloom Arugula 1 of 10
    Heirloom Arugula
    Arugula is such a flavorful green!
    $3.79 Renee's Garden Seeds.
  • Foxglove 2 of 10
    This old-fashioned flower looks gorgeous in borders mixed with chamomile, feverfew and roses.
    $2.79 Renee's Garden Seeds.
  • Forget Me Not 3 of 10
    Forget Me Not
    Blue Forget-Me-Nots are so sweet for springtime!
    $2.79 Renee's Garden Seeds.
  • Feverfew 4 of 10
    These white blooms make lovely fillers for bouquets.
    $2.79 Renee's Garden Seeds.
  • Pink and Orange Nasturiums 5 of 10
    Pink and Orange Nasturiums
    I love the colors in this seed mix of nasturtiums. They work great for containers.
    $2.79 Renee's Garden Seeds.
  • Nicotiana 6 of 10
    These large white-flowering plants have a lovely jasmine-like fragrance.
    $2.79 Renee's Garden Seeds.
  • Baby Romaine 7 of 10
    Baby Romaine
    This baby romaine lettuce can tolerate partial shade! It's easy to grow and great for salads!
    $2.79 Renee's Garden Seeds.
  • Italian Parsley 8 of 10
    Italian Parsley
    Parsley is oh so easy to grow and will easily tolerate a bit of shade!
    $3.49 Seeds of Change.
  • Fairy Pink Lupine 9 of 10
    Fairy Pink Lupine
    This variety of lupine tolerates some shade and has a lovely fragrance. I love the white with the hint of pink.
    £2.09 Thompson and Morgan.
  • Poppies 10 of 10
    Poppies are so lovely for flower arrangements! This variety is Mother of Pearl.
    £ 1.95 Sarah Raven.

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