10 Genius Ikea Items To Make Your Home Kid-Safe


Parents and grandparents are always concerned for the safety of the little ones. There are some really efficient and easy ways to keep your home kid-safe! Some of the ways kids can manage to pinch their fingers and slip are things that one might not even consider at first! Instead of learning through experience or trial and error, try looking into some seriously easy ways to kid-proof your home and keep them safe! Ikea has an amazing line of safety products designed with your kids in mind. Here are 10 items from Ikea to help keep your home kid-safe and they won’t break the bank either.

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  • Alligator Bath Mat 2 of 11
    safety 01

    This mat is cute and anti-slip for your bathroom. The kids will love it! 

    Get it here for $6.99 from Ikea

  • Stair Grip 3 of 11
    safety 02

    Some simple grip for your slippery stairs. 

    Get it here for $1.99 from Ikea

  • Door Stop 4 of 11
    safety 03

    A great little invention to protect your babies and your walls. 

    Get it here for $3.99 from Ikea

  • Plugs 5 of 11
    safety 04

    These outlet plugs are great. They lock into place to prevent little fingers pulling them out. Genius! 

    Get them here for $1.99 from Ikea

  • Air Purifier 6 of 11
    safety 05

    Safety includes air quality! This little filter works like a charm and it doesn't look half bad either. 

    Get it here for $96 from Ikea

  • Door Guard 7 of 11
    safety 06

    Prevent little fingers from getting slammed in the door with this guard. 

    Get them here for $2.99 from Ikea

  • Gate 8 of 11
    safety 07

    A safety gate is a must. It's great for keeping kids off of stairs or out of rooms with breakable items. 

    Get it here for $39.99 from Ikea

  • Light 9 of 11
    safety 08

    This little light comes on when it's dark to help little ones get to and from the bathroom in the middle of the night. 

    Get it here for $3.99 from Ikea

  • Bath Mat 10 of 11
    safety 09

    Another bath mat to prevent slips in the tub. I love the fun design! 

    Get it here for $6.99 from Ikea

  • Drawer Locks 11 of 11
    safety 10

    These are awesome for keeping their little hands out of drawers that could be dangerous. Like the silverware drawer. Yikes! 

    Get them here for $1.99 from Ikea

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