10 Gorgeous Housewares From Someware


I love it when I find a new-to-me shop that is chockfull of pretty things. In this case, Someware is full of gorgeous housewares for your home! They have beautiful colors, patterns and textures in a variety of products that you will love. Whether you are looking for a unique pillow, some pretty new placemats or a cheery new storage basket, Someware has got you covered. It was hard to narrow down my favorites, but I am kind of obsessed with the pillow and the blanket. So pretty and cozy! Check them out to see what I’m talking about.

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  • Pillow 2 of 11
    someware 01

    I really do need this pillow. The colors and pattern are amazing. I love it so much. 

    Get it here for $90 from Someware

  • Blanket 3 of 11
    someware 02

    Oh this blanket. I just want to cuddle up with it on my couch and leave it out for the world to see. It's so pretty. 

    Get it here for $350 from Someware

  • Tapestry 4 of 11
    someware 03

    In case you were looking for a new tapestry. This one is pretty awesome. 

    Get it here for $100 from Someware

  • Speckled Dish 5 of 11
    someware 04

    I'm not sure what I would use it for, but I am willing to give it a try! Love that pink color. 

    Get it here for $25 from Someware

  • Storage Basket 6 of 11
    someware 05

    I love baskets like this. They look natural but with a great pop of color. Oh, and they are useful too! 

    Get it here for $45 from Someware

  • Vase 7 of 11
    someware 06

    A vase? Yes, a vase! Wouldn't a little bouquet of white flowers look beautiful in this? I think so. 

    Get it here for $35 from Someware

  • Woven Dish 8 of 11
    someware 07

    I love this one because of the great colors and shapes. Again, I don't know what you would use a woven dish for, but does it matter with a dish this pretty? 

    Get it here for $25 from Someware

  • Basket 9 of 11
    someware 08

    How awesome is this color? I absolutely love it! I would love to store my blankets in this. So very much. 

    Get it here for $55 from Someware

  • Placemats 10 of 11
    someware 09

    These placemats have a great natural feel to them. They would look great on your dining table! 

    Get them here for $36 from Someware

  • Mat 11 of 11
    someware 10

    A gorgeous mat that I would be afraid to step on. Those pink and yellow diamonds are so pretty and cheery! Love it. 

    Get it here for $120 from Someware


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