10 Gorgeous Rugs From Gypsya


I am in love with all of the rugs from Gypsya. I recently used one while redecorating my son’s room and honestly, we kind of did the whole room around the rug. It’s that awesome. Here are 10 of my favorite rugs from Gypsya.

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  • Emerald 2 of 11
    rugs 01

    This is the rug we used for my son's room. Isn't it perfect? We love it. 

    Get it here for $288 from Gypsya

  • Blue Diamonds 3 of 11
    rugs 02

    This is a good mix of bold and simplicity. The colors seem like they would go with most spaces, don't they?

    Get it here for $134 from Gypsya

  • Pink Diamonds 4 of 11
    rugs 03

    I love this one. The colors are so pretty! 

    Get it here for $288 from Gypsya.

  • Soft Blue 5 of 11
    rugs 04

    I think I might need this one for my office. I love it! 

    Get it here for $288 from Gypsya

  • Tribal 6 of 11
    rugs 05

    This one is right on trend with the tribal print and the subdued color pallet. It would look awesome in a boy's room. 

    Get it here for $194 from Gypsya

  • White Area 7 of 11
    rugs 06

    The perfect rug for adding some neutral colors to your space. I do love the little pop of blue.

    Get it here for $288 from Gypsya

  • Simple 8 of 11
    rugs 07

    This is a simple and pretty rug to add to your space. I love the shapes. 

    Get it here for $445 from Gypsya

  • Happy 9 of 11
    rugs 08

    A happy and colorful rug to add some spunk to your home. You know you want it. 

    Get it here for $445 from Gypsya

  • Wool 10 of 11
    rugs 09

    So cute and fun! I would love this rug in my bedroom. 

    Get it here for $445 from Gypsya

  • Crazy 11 of 11
    rugs 10

    It's a little crazy, but I like it. 

    Get it here for $445 from Gypsya


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