10 Gorgeous Salt And Pepper Shakers For Your Thanksgiving


Salt and pepper shakers are one of the most underrated necessities of the dinner table. Let’s not make that mistake for our big Thanksgiving dinner this year, ok? Shakers can be fun, pretty, artsy, whatever you like! They are a great way to add a pop of personality to your dinner table. This Thanksgiving, really make a statement with your shakers! Here are 10 absolutely gorgeous salt and pepper shakers that would look amazing on your Thanksgiving table.

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  • Tubular 2 of 11
    Salt 01

    By tubular, I mean it in both its tube like shape, as well as its awesomeness. These shakers are so simple, and if the "S" and "P" aren't enough to tell which is which, these have white and black on the bottom, too! 

    Get them here for $3.99 from Ikea

  • Hammered 3 of 11
    salt 02

    You gotta love the trendy hammered metal design. It's so pretty and simple.

    Get them here for $3.99 from Target

  • Ceramic 4 of 11
    salt 03

    These shakers are so unique and just gorgeous. I love the black one. So pretty! 

    Get them here for $36 from A+R Store.

  • Stainless Steel 5 of 11
    salt 04

    I love these modern little shakers! So sleek and simple. Just remember, the salt shaker has more holes because salt is better than pepper. Just saying. 

    Get them here for $12.95 from CB2

  • Twist 6 of 11
    salt 05

    Classic grinding pepper-mills but with a gorgeous ceramic twist. I love the cork tops too! 

    Get them here for $59 from CB2

  • Gold 7 of 11
    salt 06

    These little gold shakers are probably my favorite. The modern shape and the warm gold are perfect for your Thanksgiving table! 

    Get them here for $15 from West Elm

  • Pinecones 8 of 11
    salt 07

    What's more fall than some pinecones? These silver pinecone shakers are pretty and will work all fall and winter long! 

    Get them here for $15 from West Elm

  • White 9 of 11
    salt 08

    Sometimes all you need are some simple white shakers to really make the table gorgeous. I love these ones. So much. 

    Get them here for $4.99 from Target

  • Mid-Century 10 of 11
    salt 09

    How beautiful are these? I am in love with the sleek metal and wood combination. So unique and pretty! 

    Get them here for $15 from West Elm

  • Artsy 11 of 11
    salt 10

    These shakers are so unique and artsy. They are like a functional sculpture for your dinner table. Amazing, right?

    Get them here for $7.96 from Crate & Barrel

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