10 Great Baby Items from IKEA


IKEA has some pretty great stuff, we all know. But one of my favorite departments is the baby section! They have such useful, colorful and affordable things you need for baby.

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  • Crib 2 of 11
    ikea baby 01

    This is one of my favorite cribs out there. And so affordable! 

    Get it here for $99 from IKEA.

  • Utensils 3 of 11
    ikea baby 02

    A rainbow of utensils for those older babies. So cute! 

    Get it here for $1.99 from IKEA.

  • Bowls 4 of 11
    ikea baby 03

    These are great bowls for snacks or for sorting things by color. 

    Get it here for $3.99 from IKEA.

  • Blanket 5 of 11
    ikea baby 04

    You won't find it in the baby section, but it is a pretty great blanket and babies need blankets! 

    Get it here for $19.99 from IKEA.

  • Fleece Blanket 6 of 11
    ikea baby 05

    Fleece is so cozy and I love the fun pattern of this blanket. 

    Get it here for $9.99 from IKEA.

  • Colorful Blankets! 7 of 11
    ikea baby 06

    These are perfect blankets for little ones. Bright and colorful and easy to clean. 

    Get it here for $7.99 from IKEA.

  • Bibs 8 of 11
    ikea baby 07

    Simple and useful bibs. These would make great gifts!

    Get them here for $3.99 from IKEA.

  • Hooded Towel 9 of 11
    ikea baby 08

    Have you ever wrapped a baby in a hooded towel? It's the best. 

    Get it here for $9.99 from IKEA.

  • Crib Bedding 10 of 11
    ikea baby 09

    This bedding is pretty fun. You know I love rainbow stripes! 

    Get it here for $12.99 from IKEA.

  • Play Gym 11 of 11
    ikea baby 10

    Gorgeous and simple wooden play gym. Perfect! 

    Get it here for $29.99 from IKEA.


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