10 Great Tech Gifts for the Family to Enjoy


This year splurge on tech gifts everyone in the family can use. A 2 TB external hard drive may not be the prettiest looking gift, but it will definitely come in handy for securely storing all your photos. If you are a family of movie lovers, pick up a new projector and speaker system from Dell to give you the ultimate theater experience. Check out these ideas and more in the 10 Great Tech Gifts for the Family to Enjoy…

  • External Hard Drive 1 of 10
    External Hard Drive
    With the Buffalo Technology 2 TB LinkStation Live, the whole family can keep their information securely stored and protected.
    Buy it for $109.99 at Dell.
  • All-in-One Wireless Printer 2 of 10
    All-in-One Wireless Printer
    Print, scan, copy, and fax right from home without even turning on your computer.
    Buy it for $89.99 at Dell.
  • Dell 1210S Value Series Projector 3 of 10
    Dell 1210S Value Series Projector
    Outdoor movie nights and in-home film screenings will be so much fun now with a projector to use for a big screen.
    Buy it for $369.00 at Dell.
  • Smart TV 4 of 10
    Smart TV
    Getting a smart TV like this Vizio E-Series LCD TV not only gives you a high quality picture, but also includes a selection of internet apps right at your fingertips.
    Buy it for $278.00 at Dell.
  • USB Flash Drives 5 of 10
    USB Flash Drives
    Add a USB flash drive to their stockings.
    Buy it for $10.99 at Dell.
  • Multimedia Speaker System 6 of 10
    Multimedia Speaker System
    Get the ultimate in sound at a great price with this 33 Watt Dell Multimedia Speaker System.
    Buy it for $39.99 at Dell.
  • Digital SLR Camera 7 of 10
    Digital SLR Camera
    Take family photos and video to a whole new level with the Canon EOS Rebel T3i.
    Buy it for $599.99 at Dell.
  • Sony Home Theater 8 of 10
    Sony Home Theater
    No need to go to the movies when you can enjoy theater-like 5.1 surround sound speaker system and DVD player in your home.
    Buy it for $119.99 at Dell.
  • XPS 10 Tablet 9 of 10
    XPS 10 Tablet
    The XPS 10 Tablet is the perfect station to combine work and play. The kids can use the touch screen for play, while mom and dad can clip the keyboard on for work.
    Buy it for $499.99 at Dell.
  • PC to TV Adapter 10 of 10
    PC to TV Adapter
    Wirelessly sync what is on your computer screen to your television.
    Buy it for $89.99 at Dell.

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