10 Modern Cribs To Go Gaga Over


With my new baby girl on the way, I am in full nesting mode. It’s fun planning for a new baby! Especially a baby girl. It’s new for me, so I am loving it! One of the first things on most mom’s minds when they are about to have a new baby is the crib. There are so many options out there these days and with every type of home and style taste in mind, it can be tough to make a decision. I am really loving the modern cribs I have seen in stores. They’re so clean and crisp, they would make for a perfect bank slate of sorts for your new little one. Here are 10 gorgeous modern cribs to go gaga over!

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  • White 2 of 11
    cribs 01

    I love this crib for two reasons: its simple white design and the price. You can't beat that! 

    Get it here for $99 from Ikea

  • Champagne 3 of 11
    cribs 02

    This gorgeous crib would be perfect for a little girl! The champagne accents are amazing. 

    Get it here for $1,399 from Land of Nod

  • Classy 4 of 11
    cribs 03

    This is a crib fit for royalty! I love the modern gray color. It's perfect for a boy or a girl! 

    Get it here for $1,599 from Land of Nod

  • Natural Legs 5 of 11
    cribs 04

    The white with natural legs is perfect. It's totally neutral and ready to decorate! 

    Get it here for $899 from Land of Nod

  • Walnut 6 of 11
    cribs 05

    This walnut crib is so pretty. The wood is so rich and the design is modern and simple. I love it! 

    Get it here for $1,099 from Land of Nod. 

  • Mini 7 of 11
    cribs 06

    This mini crib is great for tight spaces, especially because it's on wheels. It's easy to move out of the way. 

    Get it here for $131.79 from Diapers

  • Gray 8 of 11
    cribs 07

    Another great and simple design in a perfectly neutral color. Doesn't it seem like the type of crib that would look awesome in any space?

    Get it here for $379 from All Modern

  • Perfect 9 of 11
    cribs 08

    In my eyes, this crib is a home run. It's perfect! The legs, the wood, the design. I'm kind of obsessed. 

    Get it here for $389 from All Modern

  • Cot 10 of 11
    cribs 09

    This little crib is actually a cot. It's great for newborns sleeping right by the bed for middle of the night feedings. It would also be great for traveling. 

    Get it here for $299 from All Modern

  • Wood and White 11 of 11
    cribs 10

    This is a definite contender for my favorite. I like that is open but the sides are closed. Less light for nap time, if you get my drift. 

    Get it here for $670 from All Modern


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