10 MORE Inspiring Pieces of Art for Your Child's Room


I first shared the 10 Inspiring Pieces of Art for Your Child’s Room, but there were just too many great ones out there I had to share more. Add a splash of love and encouragement to your child’s room with these colorful and decorative prints. Tell them, “La-La Love You” and “There are a million ways to be and one way to be yourself” through a print.

Check out the 10 MORE Inspiring Pieces of Art for Your Child’s Room here…

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  • La La Love You 2 of 11

    A cute way to remind your child of how much you la la love them.
    Buy it for $28 at Muffin Grayson.

  • You Are Special 3 of 11

    This print will surely show your child how special they are.
    Buy it for $18 at Red Wall Studio.

  • Eat You Up 4 of 11

    A classic quote for a favorite childrens book.
    Buy it for $15 at Little Mountain Top.

  • Greatest Adventure 5 of 11

    At any age, your child will always take you on new and exciting adventures.
    Buy it for $15 at Pitter Patter Nursery.

  • Dream In Color 6 of 11

    A personalized poster and reminder to dream in color .
    Buy it for $34 at Griffinbell Studio.

  • Only One Way To Be Yourself 7 of 11

    What an inspirational way to remind a child to always be themselves.
    Buy it for $28 at Half Pence Design.

  • Be Brave 8 of 11

    A playful print to complete any animal inspired room.
    Buy it for $28 at Alethea and Ruth.

  • Always Face the Sunshine 9 of 11

    Such a unique way to print a lovely quote by Walt Whitman.
    Buy it for $15 at Pitter Holla Sunshine.

  • Be You 10 of 11

    A short, sweet, and timeless phrase.
    Buy it for $18 at Paper Plane Prints.

  • Personalized Dream Big 11 of 11

    This personalized "Dream Big" poster is perfect for a gift.
    Buy it for $34 at Minted.

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