10 Affordable Outdoor Seating Options


Summer entertaining is one of my favorite things. The only problem is sometimes there is a lack of outdoor seating. Here are some great outdoor seating options to help you out with your summer entertaining.

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  • Lounge 2 of 11
    outdoor seating 01

    These are perfect for anyone with a sun deck or a pool. 

    Get it here for $29.99 from IKEA.

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    outdoor seating 02

    These chairs are surprisingly comfortable and so easy to clean. They even have a drainage hole in the seat!

    Get it here for $29.99 from IKEA.

  • Chaise 4 of 11
    outdoor seating 03

    I love these chairs. They are so classy looking but still fun. 

    Get it here for $59.99 from IKEA.

  • Arm Chair 5 of 11
    outdoor seating 04

    There's nothing quite like a simple white chair. They would go great with any themed party you might be having. 

    Get it here for $59.99 from IKEA.

  • Lawn Chairs 6 of 11
    outdoor seating 05

    These chairs are awesome for trips to the beach or the park or even just to set up in your own backyard. 

    Get them here for $19.99 from IKEA.

  • Triangles 7 of 11
    outdoor seating 06

    These are kind of my outdoor dream chairs. I love them in every way. 

    Get it here for $89.99 from IKEA.

  • Camping 8 of 11
    outdoor seating 07

    Don't underestimate a simple camping chair! They are sturdy and super easy to tote around. 

    Get it here for $29.99 from Amazon.

  • Canopy 9 of 11
    outdoor seating 08

    A camping chair with a canopy for those of us who easily burn. 

    Get it here for $29.97 from Amazon.

  • Folding 10 of 11
    outdoor seating 09

    These might be a perfect entertaining chairs. They have a great simple design and are foldable! Perfect. 

    Get it here for $59.99 from CB2

  • Stacking 11 of 11
    outdoor seating 10

    If you have a little closet to store some stacked chairs, these ones are awesome. 

    Get them here for $47 from CB2


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