10 Perfect Mother's Day Cards


Mother’s Day is coming up soon (May 12, yikes!) and you know Mom needs a card, at the very least. Finding just the right card can be tricky though. Do you go for funny? Pretty? Complimentary? Maybe a combination of all three? To get you started I’ve found 10 cards for Mom. Don’t forget to pick up some flowers to go with too, and maybe a nice cake. She did let you paint your room black and play loud music for years, remember?

  • Here are 10 great cards 1 of 11
    Here are 10 great cards
    to show Mom some love.
  • Embroidered Card 2 of 11
    Embroidered Card
    Not actually embroidered, but super cute none the less.
    Available here from Quill and Fox, $4.
  • Flowers Letterpress Card 3 of 11
    Flowers Letterpress Card
    Bright and charming, just like Mom.
    Available here from Smock, $4.
  • One Stem Cards 4 of 11
    One Stem Cards
    Sweetly illustrated.
    Available here from Modern Paper Goods, $5.50.
  • Mom’s Town 5 of 11
    Mom's Town
    Paint the town red just for Mom.
    Available here from Modern Paper Goods, $5.
  • Mother’s Day Card Kit 6 of 11
    Mother's Day Card Kit
    Handmade, with a little inspirational help, these kits are filled with materials to make the perfect card.
    Available here from The Paper Source, $10.50.
  • Lunchbox Memories 7 of 11
    Lunchbox Memories
    A perfect way to thank her for all she does.
    Available here from Printerette Press, $5.
  • I love you more than … 8 of 11
    I love you more than ...
    Strong love indeed.
    Available here from Hop Skip Jump Paper, $4.
  • Lick the Beaters 9 of 11
    Lick the Beaters
    A silly card for your Mom (the inside says "Great Mom's turn them off first")
    Available here from The LIttle Illustrator, $3.50.
  • Heart Card 10 of 11
    Heart Card
    Simple and graphic, to show your love.
    Available here from Sugar Paper, $6.
  • Botanic Letterpress Card 11 of 11
    Botanic Letterpress Card
    A beautifully sculptural outline takes this minimalist card to the next level.
    Available here from Luxe Paperie, $4.

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