10 Perfect Slumber Party DIYs


When I was a kid I loved slumber parties. They were especially fun when the parents got into it with decorations and party favors! Here are 10 awesome slumber party DIYs to try out for your next sleepover.

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  • Flashlights 2 of 11
    slumber party diys 02

    These are so rad. I want a rainbow of them for myself! 

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  • Tents 3 of 11
    slumber party diys 01

    Can you imagine a sleepover with a tent for everyone? A lot of work but so worth it. 

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  • Pillow Cases 4 of 11
    slumber party diys 03

    Make some customized pillows for all of your little guests. They will love them and they make awesome party favors! 

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  • Sleep Masks 5 of 11
    slumber party diys 04

    These are straight out of the movie Breakfast At Tiffany's ... amazing, right? Girly girls will love them.

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  • Ice Buckets 6 of 11
    slumber party diys 05

    If you want to make breakfast the next morning special, try a cereal bar complete with milk ice buckets! So fancy. 

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  • Capes 7 of 11
    slumber party diys 06

    If you're brave enough to have a bunch of boys sleepover (bless you!) then try your hand at making them all customized capes. So fun! 

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  • Photobooth 8 of 11
    slumber party diys 07

    Going along with that superhero theme, this would be an adorable and easy photo shoot for the kids to have fun with. The little city boxes are killing me. 

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  • Lights 9 of 11
    slumber party diys 08

    You don't want it to be totally dark during the night for your guests who may need to get up and use the restroom or who are just afraid of the dark. These lights are perfect! 

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  • Tasseled Spoons 10 of 11
    slumber party diys 09

    If you're planning to have a little ice cream before bed (and how could you not?) these tasseled spoons are adorable and a great way to keep track of your own bowl. 

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  • Personalized Dishes 11 of 11
    slumber party diys 10

    You could serve up some hot chocolate in some personalized mugs for each of them! Or better yet, let them decorate their own! It's super easy and they will love it. 

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