10 Pretty, Last-Minute Gift Wrap Ideas


Wrapping presents can easily fall to the bottom of the to-do list, so we have some great DIY ideas for you. These 10 pretty, last-minute gift wrap ideas will still give your gifts that personal and unique touch, even when you’re short on time. Add a Rudolph pom-pom nose with yarn. Easily make your own stamps to decorate kraft paper. There is even adorable cross-stitch patterns you can print out. Take your gifts to the next level with a homemade touch!

  • Pom-Pom Rudolph Nose 1 of 11

    Add some Rudolph love to your presents with this pom-pom Rudolph nose.

    Get the tutorial at at Pottery Barn.

  • Chalkboard Packages 2 of 11

    Write sweet notes to your loved ones on chalkboard wrapping paper.

    Get the tutorial at Henry Happened.

  • Photo Gift Tags 3 of 11

    Personalize your gift tags with photos.


    Get the tutorial at Henry Happened.

  • Christmas Tree Paper 4 of 11

    Transform plain paper into unique and pretty holiday paper.

    Get the tutorial at Handmade Charlotte.

  • Flower Present Toppers 5 of 11

    Switch out your big red bows for a couple of gorgeous crepe paper flowers.

    Get the tutorial at Design Improvised.

  • Woven Gift Wrap 6 of 11

    Switch out this pastels for red, green and gold to add some holiday fun to your present.

    Get the tutorial at Mini Eco.

  • Triangle Wrapping Paper 7 of 11

    Make your own stamps using potatoes.

    Get the tutorial at Delightfully-Tacky.

  • Tree Garland 8 of 11

    Cut out paper trees, and stamp them to your paper or sew them on.

    Get the tutorial at Henry Happened.

  • Cross-Stitch Designs 9 of 11

    Simply print out this adorable cross-stitch wrapping paper.


    Get the tutorial at Mini Eco.

  • Keepsake Wrapping 10 of 11

    Stamp footprints or handprints onto the paper to turn it into a keepsake.


    Get the tutorial at Pottery Barn.

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