10 Pretty Drapes From Ikea


Have you ever bought drapes from Ikea? They vary in quality and style as well as price, but more often than not, I love Ikea drapes! They have something for every room and taste.

Here are 10 pretty drape options to choose from!

  • Drapes! 1 of 10

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  • Simple Gray 2 of 10
    curtains 01

    I love these simple gray drapes. They add a little texture to the room without adding too much of anything else. 

    Get them here for $49.99 from Ikea

  • Sheer 3 of 10
    curtains 02

    For those spaces that just need a little sheer window treatment. So airy and light! 

    Get them here for $4.99 from Ikea

  • Teal 4 of 10
    curtains 03

    This shade of teal would be a great little punch of color to an otherwise colorless room. 

    Get them here for $69.99 from Ikea

  • Drops 5 of 10
    curtains 04

    A little crazy for a lot of spaces and tastes, but I think they would be so fun in a kid's room or even an office! 

    Get them here for $24.99 from Ikea

  • Stripes 6 of 10
    curtains 05

    To me these feel a little nautical, so of course I love them! 

    Get them here for $14.99 from Ikea

  • Pattern 7 of 10
    curtains 06

    These drapes would be great for adding some pattern to your space. And color, too! 

    Get them here for $14.99 from Ikea

  • Dots 8 of 10
    curtains 08

    I am kind of in love with these. The white along with the dots? It won me over. 

    Get them here for $34.99 from Ikea

  • Dark Gray 9 of 10
    curtains 09

    These dark gray ones seem so classy and I love that they have tie backs. Very useful! 

    Get them here for $29.99 from Ikea

  • Bright 10 of 10
    curtains 10

    These bright blue drapes would look great in a variety of spaces. Any space that needs a bright pop of color! 

    Get them here for $9.99 from Ikea


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