10 Pretty Things for Your Hair



Having a handful of hair accessories ready to go is a good way to brighten your day and your look up when your starting to feel like your closet is stale. Whether I’m planning a big night out, a girls night in, or just getting ready for a day of errands, taking a second to slip something into my hair always makes me feel a bit more put together.  I’ve rounded up 10 hair accessories from some of my favorite shops (one is only a dollar!) that will make any outfit a bit more special.

  • My Fair Lady 1 of 10
    My Fair Lady
    You'd fit in with England's fanciest ladies with this fascinator made from vintage millinery flowers and a satin bow.
    From - $350
  • Swooping Paisleys Headband 2 of 10
    Swooping Paisleys Headband
    A new take on Paisley, I can think of a dozen ways to wear this headband.
    From Anthropologie - $32
  • Banded Crochet Headwrap 3 of 10
    Banded Crochet Headwrap
    Stay cozy and cute with this crocheted headwrap.
    From Forever21 - $6.80
  • Large Bow Headband 4 of 10
    Large Bow Headband
    This headband topped with a satin bow will take you back to your childhood days. And at only a dollar, you can't go wrong. I might get one in every color!
    From Forever21 - $1
  • Picnic Basketry Hair Clips 5 of 10
    Picnic Basketry Hair Clips
    These picnic basket clips would be a sweet touch to add to a day at the park.
    From ModCloth - $8
  • Perseus Headband 6 of 10
    Perseus Headband
    I love the sparkling flourish on this headband.
    From Anthropologie - $32
  • One Tree Frill Garland 7 of 10
    One Tree Frill Garland
    Channel your woodland side with this flowered garland.
    From ModCloth - $33
  • Crochet Bow Pins 8 of 10
    Crochet Bow Pins
    These little bow pins are a steal at $1.50 for a pair. Tuck one into your hair for a girlish do.
    From Forever21 - $1.50
  • Isla de Vieques Headband 9 of 10
    Isla de Vieques Headband
    Inspired by the waves off Isla de Vieques, these twinkly crystals will remind you of warm breezy days.
    From Anthropologie - $32
  • Beaded Headband 10 of 10
    Beaded Headband
    This simple beaded headband would be a perfect way to brighten up a dull Monday. Forever21 - €4.9

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