10 Pretty Wrapping Papers You Can Buy


We are in full gifting mode over here! I have already gone through one roll of wrapping paper left over from last year so now I am on the hunt for some pretty new rolls. I love wrapping paper that is simple and easily dressed up this way or that way depending on the individual receiving it. Here are 10 gorgeous wrapping papers you can buy for your gifting this year!

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  • Constellations 2 of 11
    wrap 02

    How fun is this? It's great for a star lover. Or anyone really. So cute! 

    Get it here for $9 from Sycamore Street Press

  • Triangles 3 of 11
    wrap 01

    I have to have a gift or two wrapped up in this fun paper this year! The colors are perfectly wintery and I just love the pattern. 

    Get it here for $9 from Sycamore Street Press

  • Double Sided 4 of 11
    wrap 03

    Each sheet is double sided so take your pick! I really like the purples and blues. 

    Get it here for $9 from Sycamore Street Press

  • Poms! 5 of 11
    wrap 04

    This is by far one of my favorites! The metallic paper with the fun pom poms is perfect for anyone on your gift list. 

    Get it here for $18 from Anthropologie

  • Tinsel Tassels 6 of 11
    wrap 05

    Everybody loves a little tinsel, right? Dress this paper up anyway you like to customize it for your loved one. 

    Get it here for $18 from Anthropologie. 

  • Silver 7 of 11
    wrap 06

    A bunch of silver wrapping paper with various fun patterns. Great for dressing up with colorful ribbons and bows! 

    Get it here for $2.99 from Ikea

  • Colors 8 of 11
    wrap 07

    You can't go wrong with colors! Wrap up your loved ones gifts in their favorite colors for an extra special touch. 

    Get it here for $2.99 from Ikea

  • Stripes 9 of 11
    wrap 08

    This striped paper is so pretty! I really think anyone on your list wouldn't mind a gift wrapped up with this.

    Get it here for $8.50 from Rifle Paper Co

  • Ombre 10 of 11
    wrap 09

    Oh this wrapping paper is gorgeous! It would be perfect for any girly girls on your list.

    Get it here for $8.50 from Rifle Paper Co

  • Christmas Confetti 11 of 11
    wrap 10

    This one looks like Christmas confetti to me. And I love that. This would be a great wrapping paper for little ones.

    Get it here for $9.95 from Papyrus.


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