10 Products to Make Everyday Life a Little Prettier


Need a pick me up? Try switching out some of the utilitarian objects around your home for something a bit prettier! For not a lot of money, you can make mundane tasks of life a little more pleasant!

  • A vintage-inspired milk bottle 1 of 10
    A vintage-inspired milk bottle
  • Laundry cart 2 of 10
    Laundry cart
  • Gingham dishtowels 3 of 10
    Gingham dishtowels
  • Glass jars for storing cereals and grains 4 of 10
    Glass jars for storing cereals and grains
  • An authentic Edison lightbulb! 5 of 10
    An authentic Edison lightbulb!
  • A lovely screwdriver made in England 6 of 10
    A lovely screwdriver made in England
  • A wooden tape dispenser 7 of 10
    A wooden tape dispenser
  • Chemex coffee maker 8 of 10
    Chemex coffee maker
  • Scrubber 9 of 10
  • Enamel soap dish 10 of 10
    Enamel soap dish

1. A vintage-inspired milk bottle.

2. Gingham dishtowels.

3. Glass jars for storing cereals and grains.

4. An authentic Edison lightbulb!

5. A lovely screwdriver made in England.

6. A wooden tape dispenser.

7. Chemex coffee maker.

8. Scrubber.

9. Enamel soap dish.

10. Laundry cart.

All products from Old Faithful. Shop online or if you happen to live in Vancouver, BC, visit their amazing brick and mortar shop!

Photos: Old Faithful. Thanks for the heads up, Clever Nettle!

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