10 Spring Summer Hair Trends For 2013


10 Spring Summer Hair Trends For 2013 via Babble

Happy New Year! Are you desperately trying to find a new hairstyle for 2013? Have you had the same look for awhile and are ready for a change? It’s a new year so why not start off this year with a new hairstyle! We have found 10 Spring/Summer Hair Trends for 2013, that we know you will absolutely love!

  • Platinum Blonde 1 of 10
    Platinum Blonde
    For a big change why not try going Platinum Blonde. Platinum blonde is a hair color trend in 2013.
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  • Nape Of The Neck 2 of 10
    Nape Of The Neck
    Gather ponytails, scarves pearls and more to focus on the nape of the neck!
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  • Beehive Styles w/ Bow Hairbands 3 of 10
    Beehive Styles w/ Bow Hairbands
    Create this look by putting your hair in a Beehive Style then place a Bow Headband in.
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  • Patterned Scarves 4 of 10
    Patterned Scarves
    Tie Patterned scarves around your head to achieve this look.
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  • Rodarte Hair 5 of 10
    Rodarte Hair
    Get this look by parting your hair low on one side of the head, and then slicked across for an almost shaved look.
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  • Anti-Ballerina Buns 6 of 10
    Anti-Ballerina Buns
    To get this look, create a bun that looks messy with a center part!
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  • Metal Accessories 7 of 10
    Metal Accessories
    Pin sections of the hair to the back then place Metal Accessories in!
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  • Messy Knots 8 of 10
    Messy Knots
    Loving these Messy knots at the nape of the neck!
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  • Sweeping Fringes 9 of 10
    Sweeping Fringes
    To get this look sweep your fringes to the side and pin or tuck!
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  • Messy Chignon Style 10 of 10
    Messy Chignon Style
    Create this look by putting your hair up in a messy Chignon Hairstyle!
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