10 Stunning Lamps and Lights for Any Need


I am always on the lookout for more lamps and lights for our home. There is something about a great lamp that can make a whole room seem more inviting. No matter the space in your home, whether it be a dining room, a living room, a library, a kids room or an office space, each room can use one of these amazing lamps and lights. This collection from One Forty Three is by far my favorite out there right now. All of the lamps and lights are super modern, industrial and clean with pops of fantastic color that I am sure you will love.

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  • Double Sconce 2 of 11
    light 01

    I'm kind of a sucker for sconces. This brass one is gorgeous, and the fact that it's a double sconce is a total bonus! I love the light bulbs in it too. So rad.


    Get it here for $85 from One Forty Three.

  • Chandelier 3 of 11
    light 02

    Maybe the coolest chandelier ever. I mean, really. What entryway or dining room wouldn't look incredible with this chandelier hanging over it? 


    Get it here for $425 from One Forty Three

  • Swing Light 4 of 11
    light 03

    Beautiful and functional. This would be a great light to have over a couch or a bed for reading. I really love the wood mount too. 


    Get it here for $145 from One Forty Three

  • Pendant Lights 5 of 11
    light 04

    Who doesn't love pendant lights? These colorful ones are all so pretty, I might have to get them all and hang them exactly like this together. The twisty cords are a nice variation, too. 


    Get it here for $45 from One Forty Three.

  • Colored Sonces 6 of 11
    light 05

    A perfect sconce in my opinion. Simple in design and the perfect pop of color for your home. I would love to have three different colored ones along a long hallway in my house. Now if I only had a long hallway. 


    Get it here for $65 from One Forty Three

  • Double Jointed 7 of 11
    light 06

    This is the only double-jointed item I can think of that I wasn't disgusted by! This super-cool light would be perfect for a reading nook. It's kind of masculine too, so the men will love it!


    Get it here for $195 from One Forth Three.

  • Wall Lamp 8 of 11
    light 07

    This super cool and industrial lamp is begging to come home with me. I love this green color! 


    Get it here for $225 from One Forty Three.

  • String of Lights 9 of 11
    light 08

    Probably the coolest string of lights ever created. I love the brass accents, and again those bulbs are just perfect. 


    Get them here for $105 from One Forty Three.

  • Shaded Pendant Lights 10 of 11
    light 09

    Here are some pretty shaded pendant lights in case you were wanting to cover up those rad bulbs, or in case you just don't have those rad bulbs.


    Get it here for $75 from One Forty Three

  • Two-Tone Pendants 11 of 11
    light 10

    How awesome are these two-tone pendant lights? The color mixed with the wood is just perfect. I want them all for my office space. 


    Get them here for $55 from One Forty Three

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