10 Style Lessons I Learned Via Motherhood

Becoming a mother at 22, I still had a lot to learn about personal style. About adult style, I should say. And — funny enough — some of my biggest style lessons came from my kid.

Here are 10 things motherhood taught me about style:

  • What motherhood taught me about style 1 of 11

    What I've learned about style — after having kids...

  • 1. Fashion should be functional 2 of 11

    You know what kids want to be? Comfortable. They don't like their socks too snug or their shirt tags too itchy — and why would they? They want to jump and run, unrestricted. And don't we all need some (cute) play clothes? Shouldn't we all feel relaxed in our outfits?

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  • 2. Style is identity 3 of 11

    Eliminating the world of trends and "cool clothes," kids have a clean slate to express their personalities through what they wear. He begged us for New Balances — not for the status, but for the giant "N" that represents his name. 

    Watching him start to have opinions and preferences made me realize how free we are to express ourselves through fashion. 

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  • 4. If you love it, wear it 4 of 11

    Us adults tend to tuck away our favorite pieces — fancier dresses, special pants, pretty shoes — for special occasions. But kids know that if they love something, THEY WEAR IT. They don't let it go to waste, hanging in their closet like a prized possession. We can all learn from that.

    Photo: EarlyMama instagram

  • 5. Dress for yourself 5 of 11

    I suggested he put on a button-down shirt before he met the Princesses on our Disney Cruise — maybe the outfit we packed for his Prince & Princess dinner. But he wanted to wear his favorite shirt. He wanted to show the princesses how cool he is. And so he posed in his Captain America tee, despite the gowns next to him. 

    He dresses for himself — not at all concerned what other people, not even PRINCESSES, will think. That unshakable confidence is admirable.

    Photo: EarlyMama instagram

  • 3. Sometimes we all need to pretend 6 of 11

    Because fashion is transformative — whether it's a cape or a '20s-inspired dress. 

    Play the part.

    Have fun.

    Pretend every now and then.

    Photo: EarlyMama instagram

  • 6. Break the rules 7 of 11

    Why would he only wear his rain boots in the rain? They're awesome. All the time.

    Photo: EarlyMama instagram

  • 7. Find a signature 8 of 11

    When my son was 2 years old, he walked into The Children's Place, picked up a fedora, and danced around in the mirror like an old-timey jazz singer. It was his THING — completely unprovoked. And with every "nice hat, dude" compliment that he received, his fedora became a signature staple to his summertime wardrobe.

    And so it got me thinking: I'd like a signature, myself.

    Photo: EarlyMama instagram

  • 8. Define your own style; Don’t let others define it for you 9 of 11

    As a younger mom, I was told that all moms dress a certain way: I was supposed to cut my hair, ditch the heels, and lower my hems. I was supposed to spiral into a stereotype — because that's what moms do. 

    And yet becoming a mother has taught me how important it is to retain my own sense of style, and to never let a "category" define what I'm supposed to look like.

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  • 9. Outfits directly affect mood 10 of 11

    Motherhood is hectic — we often don't have time for showers, let alone lipstick. And so I've really come to realize the drastic mood-altering affect of pretty and put-together vs. frumpy and messy.

    Just like my son is slightly happier — slightly MIGHTIER — when he's wearing a cape.

    Our clothing can directly affect our mood.

    Photo: EarlyMama instagram

  • 10. Whenever possible, go pants-less 11 of 11

    Because kids know how to live right.

    Photo: EarlyMama instagram

Photos: EarlyMama instagram

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