10 Summer DIYs For You And Your Kids!


Summer is my favorite season. I love all of the outdoor time and the Summer DIYs. Here are 10 Summer DIYs for you and your kids. Some fun for everyone this Summer!

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  • Seaside Mobile 2 of 11
    summer kid diys 01

    If you live near the coast, have the whole family go out and gather up some driftwood and seashells. It's beautiful and fun for everyone!

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  • Seesaw 3 of 11
    summer kid diys 02

    Seriously, they made this in under an hour. An hour! What kid wouldn't love this seesaw?

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  • Teepee 4 of 11
    summer kid diys 03

    Teepees are pretty popular and rightfully so! This tutorial looks pretty do-able and so fun.

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  • Play Grill 5 of 11
    summer kid diys 04

    How adorable is this little play grill? I mean, seriously. Hours of fun right here.

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  • Sponge Bombs 6 of 11
    summer kid diys 05

    These are so easy to make and a lot of fun to play with! The kids will love them too.

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  • Solar Over 7 of 11
    summer kid diys 06

    This is so awesome. Make your own little solar oven and cook a pizza! So rad.

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  • Tire Sandbox 8 of 11
    summer kid diys 07

    If you can find a huge spare tire, definitely make this sandbox. It's just too cool not to.

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  • Fort 9 of 11
    summer kid diys 08

    What kid wouldn't love their own fort? By building it yourself, it's totally customizable which is awesome. 

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  • Slip n’ Slide 10 of 11
    summer kid diys 09

    A summer classic and must have. Make your own better version like this one. So much fun!

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  • Lemonade Stand 11 of 11
    summer kid diys 10

    If you can, you most definitely should make a lemonade stand with your kids this summer. Even if it's just for family fun and not so much to sell the lemonade. It's a must do for Summer.

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