10 Summer Mason Jar Projects


Decorate for summer with these 10 Summer Mason Jar Projects. Celebrate with pretty polka-dot mason jar cups with DIY straw lids. Illuminate the night with solar powered mason jars, or use them to make a matchbox for your camping trip.

Check out all the fun ways to use mason jars in the 10 Summer Mason Jar Projects…

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    10 Summer Mason Jar Projects

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  • Polka-Dot Mason Jars 2 of 11

    Decorate the summer party table with polka-dot mason jars.
    Find out more at With Lovely.

  • Citronella Candle 3 of 11

    Turn a mason jar into a citronella candle to keep those mosquitoes away.
    Find out more at All Parenting.

  • Straw Lids 4 of 11

    Make your own straw tops for mason jars to use for summer parties.
    Find out more at That's What Che Said.

  • Solar Powered Light 5 of 11

    Light up your evening dinner with a solar powered mason jar lamp you can make on your own.
    Find out more at Finding Home Online.

  • Colorful Mason Jars 6 of 11

    Use Mod Podge as a way to turn your mason jars fun and bright colors.
    Find out more at Mason Jar Crafts Love.

  • Mason Jar Matchbox 7 of 11

    Before you head out on your camping trip, pack up your matches in a mason jar with top for lighting.
    Find out more at It All Started with Paint.

  • Beach Terrarium 8 of 11

    Trap that special day at the beach inside a beautiful beach terrarium.
    Find out more at Making Home Base.

  • Soap Dispenser 9 of 11

    Use a mason jar to make a rustic soap dispenser for your home.
    Find out more at Paula Parrish.

  • Plant Food Containers 10 of 11

    Keep your plants in a sealed container using mason jars and avoid them getting all sticky.
    Find out more at Jader Bomb.

  • Mason Jar Air Freshener 11 of 11

    Make your house smell fresh with the cutest mason jar air freshener.
    Find out more at Sol Da Eira.

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