10 Sweet Valentine Cards


If you’d like to give a beautifully handcrafted card this Valentine’s Day, but don’t have time to make your own, consider pre-ordering some of these beauties. I gathered my favorite folk-themed greeting cards, which all have a modern twist for Valentine’s Day. Check it out, after the jump!

  • Folk Pattern Card 1 of 10
    Folk Pattern Card
    This folk pattern card is printed in neon pink for a modern take on folk. It includes botanical and animal imagery.
    $5 at Banquet Atelier + Workshop
  • All You Need is Love 2 of 10
    All You Need is Love
    Off-white card letterpressed with "All You Need is Love" comes with brown Kraft envelope.
    $4.50 at Karolin Schnoor
  • Heart 3 of 10
    Give a modern valentine with this simple, neon heart!
    $5 at Banquet Atelier + Workshop
  • Folk Bird Postcard 4 of 10
    Folk Bird Postcard
    Red and white screen-printed, grey postcard.
    $4.50 at Karolin Schnoor
  • Nosegay Card 5 of 10
    Nosegay Card
    Recycled notecard printed with a nosegay.
    $5 at Banquet Atelier + Workshop
  • Will You Be Mine? 6 of 10
    Will You Be Mine?
    Give this adorable letterpress heart printed with, "Will You Be Mine?"
    $4 at Dutch Door Press
  • Love Love Love 7 of 10
    Love Love Love
    Anyone would love to receive this folk-style greeting card for Valentine's Day, printed with "Love Love Love"
    $4.50 at Dutch Door Press
  • Mille Fleur 8 of 10
    Mille Fleur
    Banquet created a somewhat traditional vining, botanical pattern and printed it in a modern, neon pink!
    $5 at Banquet Atelier + Workshop
  • I’m Sweet On You 9 of 10
    I'm Sweet On You
    This darling little card is printed with hearts and daisies and reads, "I'm Sweet on You"
    $4.50 at Dutch Door Press
  • Jag Älskar Dig 10 of 10
    Jag Älskar Dig
    Say, "I love you," in Swedish!
    $5 at Fiore Press

Top photos from Banquet. All other photos from respective sources.

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