10 Totally Genius Kid's Room Organization Ideas


Let’s be honest. Kid’s rooms are usually the most disorganized rooms of the house. Toys everywhere, broken crayons underfoot. Here are some great organization tips and ideas for your kiddos room that you both will love! Check them out, there might be something perfect for your little one!

  • Lockers 1 of 10
    I love lockers as storage. It's like a vintage piece of art that doubles as storage. Win, win!
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  • Door Pockets 2 of 10
    Door Pockets
    Make the most of your space and hang some pockets on the back of the door. Great for little lady hair accessories!
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  • Anywhere You Can! 3 of 10
    Anywhere You Can!
    Under the bed storage bins, inside your little one's step stool. If you can think of it, use it!
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  • Coat Rack 4 of 10
    Coat Rack
    Use your imagination and use a wall coat rack to hold coats, hula hoops, you name it!
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  • Soda Crates 5 of 10
    Soda Crates
    Using some vintage soda crates, add some wheels and your kiddo has instsant mobile storage for their knick knacks!
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  • Cookie Jars! 6 of 10
    Cookie Jars!
    Kitchen jars are a dime a dozen (not literally, but you know) Use them to organize crayons and smaller toys.
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  • Loft Beds 7 of 10
    Loft Beds
    I love the idea of loft beds. They save so much space by allowing your kiddo to have all the space under the bed.
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  • Magnet Board Cans 8 of 10
    Magnet Board Cans
    I've seen so many different tutorials to make these. It's a great way to re-use those cans and keep your little one's things tidy.
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  • MIlk Crates 9 of 10
    MIlk Crates
    I love milk crates. We have some as storage in my son's room. These milk crates double as seating and storage!
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  • Everything in Its Place 10 of 10
    Everything in Its Place
    Label and mark where everything should go and let your little one organize!
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