10 Totally Unique And Fun Baby Gifts


I am always a little disappointed by the lack of creativity or originality when it comes to baby gifts. I mean, these little people deserve to have fun and unique things too, right? Here are 10 totally unique and fun baby gifts the recipients are sure to love.

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  • Factory Blocks 2 of 11
    baby gifts 02

    These blocks are perfect for your designer friend who can appreciate some fun fonts. The fact that you can build them into a factory is a total bonus. 

    Get them here for $70 from Uncommon Goods

  • Feeder 3 of 11
    baby gifts 01

    I love those mesh feeders. But this one looks even better! Much easier to wash out. 

    Get it here for $13.25 from Amazon

  • Xylophone 4 of 11
    baby gifts 03

    Probably the prettiest xylophone ever. A total bonus that it's wood. I love wooden toys. 

    Get it here for $23 from Uncommon Goods

  • Shape Sorter 5 of 11
    baby gifts 04

    My little guy loves the shape sorter. But I don't like the way it looks. This one on the other hand, is beautiful. 

    Get it here for $29.99 from Amazon. 

  • Walker 6 of 11
    baby gifts 05

    Isn't this walker adorable? I love the colors. 

    Get it here for $59.99 from Amazon

  • Mustache Pacifier 7 of 11
    baby gifts 06

    I know the mustache thing has gone way overboard. But come on. These are cute. 

    Get it here for $10 from Uncommon Goods

  • Art Bib 8 of 11
    baby gifts 07

    Make their bib mess into a work of art! This is such a cute and clever idea. 

    Get it here for $15 from Uncommon Goods

  • Math Blanket 9 of 11
    baby gifts 08

    I don't know what it means, and I don't care to. But it looks cool and your math nerd friend will love it. 

    Get it here for $38 from Uncommon Goods

  • Owl Mobile 10 of 11
    baby gifts 09

    A cute little musical mobile, perfect for on the go. 

    Get it here for $36.60 from Ferm Living

  • Mr. Snake 11 of 11
    baby gifts 10

    I've seen this snake and let me tell you, it's bigger than you would think and a lot cooler than you might think. 

    Get it here for $116.80 from Ferm Living

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