10 Ways to Spruce up Your Table


Every January I crave a clean, modern look for my home. It’s nice to freshen things up this time of year, including the dining table. Here are some of my favorite products for setting a pretty, modern table. From handmade porcelain bowls for ice cream to modern carafes to serve your morning orange juice, this list will have you set up with a gorgeous new dining experience that will stay with you season to season.

  • New Napkins! 1 of 10
    New Napkins!
    You could make your own or check out these lovely ones from Fog Linen. They come in grey stripe, navy check, tartan and plain linen.
    $12 at Brook Farm General
  • Handmade Bowls 2 of 10
    Handmade Bowls
    Add a special touch to dessert with these gorgeous, milky white porcelain bowls. These handmade bowls are made by Herriott Grace in collaboration with Atelier Make in Canada.
    $24 (Canadian Dollars) at Herriott Grace
  • Special Utensils 3 of 10
    Special Utensils
    These modern utensils have handles made of teak. They'll add a refreshing look to your dinner table.
    $55/set at Brook Farm General
  • Modern Serving Plates 4 of 10
    Modern Serving Plates
    The modern shapes and rich colors of Mud Australia ceramics are a refreshing touch to any table. While the plates appear delicate and thin, they can hold up in the dishwasher, microwave, and oven.
    $36 at Horne
  • Beeswax Candles 5 of 10
    Beeswax Candles
    These white ceramic candle holders are a great wintertime staple, filled with beeswax candles, which won't over power food with fragrance.
    Candle holders, $75 at Brook Farm General
    Candles, $10 at Brook Farm General
  • Glass Carafe 6 of 10
    Glass Carafe
    This modern carafe is a gorgeous addition to the table. Made in Demmark, the carafe comes with a stopper to keep contents fresh. Serve milk, orange juice, or iced tea in this lovely container.
    $99 at Horne
  • Small Bud Vase 7 of 10
    Small Bud Vase
    No need to over power your table with a bouquet of flowers. Just slip a pretty stem into this stoneware bud vase. The handmade vase will even look pretty when there's nothing in it!
    $32 at Brook Farm General
  • Porcelain Dessert Plates 8 of 10
    Porcelain Dessert Plates
    These plates are meant for dessert but they'd be lovely to serve any meal. Hand cast and finished in a beautiful, white glaze, the scalloped edges and oblong shape create a super charming look.
    $42 (Canadian Dollars) at Herriott Grace
  • Salt + Pepper Cellars 9 of 10
    Salt + Pepper Cellars
    Keep these salt and pepper cellars on the table to add flavor to your meals and a quirky touch to your table. The cellars are handmade porcelain and feature charming lettering.
    $48 at Rae Dunn
  • Hand Blown Tumblrs 10 of 10
    Hand Blown Tumblrs
    These modern glasses make a special addition to any meal. Hand blown in Denmark, the glasses are perfect for serving wine, water or juice.
    $28 at Horne

Top photos: Horne and Brook Farm General. All other photos from respective sources.

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