11 Awesome Cutting Boards


I enjoy cooking as much as the next person. But sometimes you just need a little something fun in the kitchen to make cooking a tad bit more enjoyable. These awesome cutting boards are great for just that. I love how unique they are. My favorite is the cloud and rain drops, so cute and clever! Use them in the kitchen to chop up your ingredients or use them to serve up your favorite cheese spread at a party! Whatever you plan on using your cutting boards for, here are 11 fantastic options to choose from.

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    cutting boards 01

    Show some state pride with these amazing cutting boards. You can get the heart customized so it will be right over your home town. Clever, right? 

    Get it here for $48 from Etsy

  • Geo Pattern 3 of 12
    cutting boards 02

    It's too pretty not to love! Cut the veggies and serve them up on the same gorgeous tray. 

    Get it here for $29.60 from Ferm Living

  • House 4 of 12
    cutting boards 03

    There's something about the house shape that I just love. This cutting board would make a perfect house warming gift too! 

    Get it here for $29.96 from Ferm Living

  • Storage 5 of 12
    cutting boards 04

    This is a clever design. It's a great way to keep the cutting board clear of the trimmings and not have to keep making trips to the trash. 

    Get it here for $129 from West Elm

  • Trapezoid 6 of 12
    cutting boards 05

    A simple trapezoid shape with a super cool rustic edge. It's gorgeous isn't it? Perfect for parties. 

    Get it here for $35 from Leif

  • Heart 7 of 12
    cutting boards 06

    How about a sweet heart shaped board? Wouldn't this make a great newly wed gift? So cute. 

    Get it here for $19.95 from Fishs Eddy

  • Lines 8 of 12
    cutting boards 07

    I'm kind of a sucker for stripes. Especially ones that look hand-drawn. Oh and black and white. I'm a huge sucker for black and white. 

    Get it here for 38 Euros from Fine Little Day

  • Mountain 9 of 12
    cutting boards 08

    A nice graphic cutting board. Who doesn't love a majestic mountain? 

    Get it here for 38 Euros from Fine Little Day

  • Balloon 10 of 12
    cutting boards 09

    A fun balloon shape on a simple and gorgeous wood board. It's pretty and perfect for your party. 

    Get it here for $112.46 from Anthropologie

  • Teardrop 11 of 12
    cutting boards 10

    I don't think I am alone when I say I adore the teardrop shape. I want both of these cutting boards ASAP. 

    Get it here for $80 from Uncommon Goods

  • Cloud + Rain Drops 12 of 12
    cutting boards 11

    This is my absolute favorite. As if the cloud shape wasn't cute enough, the raindrops? Those are perfection! 

    Get it here for $110 from Uncommon Goods

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