11 Awesome Prints For A Boys Room


We recently re-did my son’s room and I had a blast looking for great prints and artwork to add to his space. He is getting older (or at least he thinks he is) so some more mature art was needed — but I still wanted to keep that kid-feel to it as well.

Here are 11 awesome prints that are great for any boy from a newborn to a teenager! Check them out:

  • Prints For Boys! 1 of 12

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  • Mountain 2 of 12
    art 01

    This is actually a favorite mountain of mine in Utah. The artist paints the same mountain in all of it's different stages. I just love this one! Perfect for your mountain loving boy.

    Get it here for $25 from Annie K Blake.

  • Sleep 3 of 12
    art 02

    I love this print. They may as well be moving mountains! 

    Get it here for $15 from Etsy.

  • Penny Farthing 4 of 12
    art 03

    I love this bike print. It's whimsical and fun and totally boy. 

    Get it here for $6 from Caravan Shoppe

  • Dino + Boy 5 of 12
    art 04

    How adorable is this print? The matching cowboy hats are killing me! So cute. 

    Get it here for $8 from Ash Mae

  • Horse 6 of 12
    art 05

    Has there ever been a cooler painting of a horse? I don't think so. The colors are so awesome and a boy would love it!

    Get it here for $8 from Ash Mae

  • Map 7 of 12
    art 06

    This print is actually one you can download and print out yourself! I love the idea of printing it out huge and letting the littles color it in.

    Get it here for $5 from Caravan Shoppe

  • Excited 8 of 12
    art 07

    I love this one because it's so true about little boys. They are just so excited about everything! 

    Get it here for $11 from Maypole

  • Bugs 9 of 12
    art 08

    Not much screams "boy" quite like bugs. It makes me want to go outside and build a fort! 

    Get it here for $45 from Etsy

  • Moon 10 of 12
    art 09

    I love prints that look like chalkboard. This one is simple and the message is sweet. What's not to love?

    Get it here for $8 from Etsy

  • ABC 11 of 12
    art 10

    An adorable ABC poster is a must have! I love this one. So, so cute. 

    Get it here for 39 Euros from Fine Little Day.

  • Tomato 12 of 12
    art 11

    It might seem like it belongs in the kitchen, but my little boy would love this tomato in his room! He would get a hoot out of it. 

    Get it here for 39 Euros from Fine Little Day


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