11 Good-Looking, Good-For-You Shoes


Here is how I feel about things: I will gladly sacrifice comfort for style. Any day. Do they hurt? Sure. But don’t I look tall? Right then.

Since living in New York and walking a ton and (shh!) turning 30, I’ve started to appreciate a good arch support the way a camel might appreciate the sand. I mean, I guess we were meant to walk in well-made, appropriately shaped shoes. Huh! Who’d have thought!? I’ve even started wearing (shh!) flats. Sometimes. Don’t freak out or anything!

There aren’t a ton of good-for-you, yet good-looking shoes out there. (And unfortunately, the better-made the shoes? The heftier the price tag…) But I’ve found 11 of them, and I’m happy to share this wealth of knowledge with all of you (and your aging feet). You’re welcome!

  • Clarks Wallabee 1 of 11
    Clarks Wallabee
    I saved up for these puppies when I was pregnant and it made a world of difference. They are comfortable, they look like something your grandma would wear, and not surprisingly, they are all over the feet of Brooklyn hipsters.
    Get your own right HERE. $130.
  • Gentle Souls Bay Unique 2 of 11
    Gentle Souls Bay Unique
    Gentle Souls is a brand I'm new to, though they should be familiar (they are owned by Kenneth Cole). These are gorgeous and minimal and feminine but also sturdy.
    Get your own right HERE. $195.
  • Gentle Souls Dawnest 3 of 11
    Gentle Souls Dawnest
    Gentle Souls sent me these to try out and I am in love. The heel is perfect and there is literally no stress on the balls of the toes whatsoever. They are light as air, and that bow is adorable. Perfect with tights this winter.
    Get your own right HERE. $210.
  • Gentle Souls Demi Toss 4 of 11
    Gentle Souls Demi Toss
    That cut out is dead sexy.
    Get your own right HERE. $235.
  • Gentle Souls Double Bet 5 of 11
    Gentle Souls Double Bet
    Super cute.
    Get your own right HERE. $185.
  • Gentle Souls Hour Of Sand 6 of 11
    Gentle Souls Hour Of Sand
    You could dance up a storm in these. For hours!
    Get your own right HERE. $195.
  • Gentle Souls Lily Moon 7 of 11
    Gentle Souls Lily Moon
    These would make the perfect every day summer shoe.
    Get your own right HERE. $195.
  • Swedish Hasbeens Jodhpur High 8 of 11
    Swedish Hasbeens Jodhpur High
    After lusting after these for actual years, I saved up for them this winter and lemme tell you: game changer.
    Get your own right HERE. $343.
  • Swedish Hasbeens Braided High 9 of 11
    Swedish Hasbeens Braided High
    There's a reason these clogs have been in production for decades.
    Get your own right HERE. $159.
  • KorkEase Hailey 10 of 11
    KorkEase Hailey
    I wore these up and down the streets of Manhattan all summer without complaint. And by the way, that is some HEIGHT on those puppies.
    Get your own right HERE. $150.
  • KorkEase Ava 11 of 11
    KorkEase Ava
    My summer staple shoe. These shoes get me stopped on the street. They are beyond comfortable.
    Get your own right HERE. $140.

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