11 Things Under $11 That Will Help You Get Organized in 2011


I am an organization freak. Most often, my house doesn’t reflect this. But my inner-organizer gives this week of the year a giant high five for it’s fresh-start potential. Because there is nothing better than stepping into an office supply store or Container Store or whatever and thinking about all the possibilities for new order. Am I right? Let’s do it!

Keep reading for my top 11 items under $11 for an Organized 2011….

Start by knowing what day it is.

I suggest Jonathan Adler’s desk calendar. $8

Then, these Habit Former cards are designed to change your life.

“Pull one Habit.Former card a day for 30 days and follow the instructions. Before you know it you won’t even have to think about basic organizing strategies like delegating tasks, maintaining a family calendar, and other simple tips designed to take you from overwhelmed to under control in about a month..”

And for only $7, that’s a pretty inexpensive life change.

Then, proactively organize the obvious with a Single Charging Station

1.) You’ll always know where it is. And 2.) You’ll get rid of those cords!

Keep a blank notebook in your purse. Always. $7

Bob’s Your Uncle File Folders

Then, file your notes. $5

Also, some papers can’t exactly be filed for whatever reason. And then they just sorta sit around on your desk looking crappy.

Pro Tip: Hide them in cute boxes.

Office Storage Boxes are a must for me.

I really like these. $10

And for the other random, non-paper items that end up on your desk.

A few pretty boxes. $5

A mouse pad / to do list.

I have this exact one. Love it. Perfect for daily to-do lists. $9

And pencil cups just make a desk happy.

Plus, you can always find your pencil. $5

Then, organize those drawers! It’s a pain, but it will make you happy every time you open that drawer. Go, You!

I like the customizable options. $4-$8.

But there are standard options too $9

And finally…

If all else fails…delegate!

Delegate Lists … Would You Pad


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