11 Unique Christmas Ornaments To Buy


We have been decorating for Christmas around here which happily includes our tree! I normally try not to collect too many ornaments so as to not become a Christmas hoarder, which we all know is easy to do. But these unique and fun ornaments are too fun not to mention! I love making ornaments, but these are some of the best ornaments you can buy. Check them out!

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  • Sequins 2 of 12
    ornament 01

    Sequins never get old! I love these ornaments. They would look awesome on a tree, don't you think?

    Get it here for $4.95 from H&M

  • Mouse 3 of 12
    ornament 02

    This little lady reminds me of the nutcracker. So cute. The little girls in your life will love it. 

    Get it here for $16 from Anthropologie

  • ABC 4 of 12
    ornament 03

    I love the idea of having an ornament for every member of the family. Cute, right? 

    Get it here for $8 from Anthropologie

  • Fox 5 of 12
    ornament 04

    This cute little fox is irresistible. All huddled up and ready to brave the cold. 

    Get it here for $16 from Anthropologie

  • Bear 6 of 12
    ornament 05

    This little hodge podge bear is adorable! I love all the stitching on it. 

    Get it here for $6.71 from Crate and Barrel

  • Reindeer 7 of 12
    ornament 06

    Mounted rudolph anyone? So cute. 

    Get it here for $2.96 from Crate and Barrel

  • Hedgehog 8 of 12
    ornament 07

    I love this woodsy little hedgehog! My guess is your kids will like him too. 

    Get it here for $5.21 from Crate and Barrel

  • Pinecone 9 of 12
    ornament 08

    A pretty silver pinecone is a Christmas classic. It would look great mixed in with all of your other ornaments! 

    Get it here for $8.21 from Crate and Barrel

  • Faceted 10 of 12
    ornament 09

    For a more modern look to your tree, this faceted green ornament might do the trick! 

    Get it here for $3.95 from CB2

  • UFO 11 of 12
    ornament 10

    I'm not sure why, but I love it. If you have a boy in the house they will love it too. 

    Get it here for $4.95 from CB2

  • Jellyfish 12 of 12
    ornament 11

    Isn't this one interesting? I kind of like it but I mostly just think it's strange. I love the chrome though! 

    Get it here for $4.95 from CB2.


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