12 Best New Hairstyles from NY Fashion Week


When all is said and done at New York Fashion Week, hair is one of the big highlights for Spring 2012!  From twisty cool top knots to the wet look, hair for spring looks super-obtainable and more fun than ever!  I’ve collected 12 new looks to take you through the winter and well into Spring of 2012!  Check out the slideshow after the jump!

  • Twisty Cool Top Knot 1 of 10
    Twisty Cool Top Knot
    L.A.M.B. (via
  • The Pony Loop 2 of 10
    The Pony Loop
    Son Jung Wan (via - Source: Getty).
  • Messy Sidesweep 3 of 10
    Messy Sidesweep
    Jill Stuart (via - photo: lmaxtree).
  • Sunkist (Color) 4 of 10
    Sunkist (Color)
    Band of Outsiders (via
  • Twist is the New Braid! 5 of 10
    Twist is the New Braid!
    Lela Rose (via Meredith Gray).
  • Sun-dipped (Color) 6 of 10
    Sun-dipped (Color)
    Lacoste (via - photo: lmaxtree).
  • Fabric Hair Braids 7 of 10
    Fabric Hair Braids
    Mara Hoffman (via - check out the video on how to)!
  • The Wet Look (half twisted) 8 of 10
    The Wet Look (half twisted)
    Helmet Lang (via TMagazine - photo: Greg Kessler).
  • The Wet Look (down) 9 of 10
    The Wet Look (down)
    Alexander Wang (via - photo: lmaxtree).
  • Twisty Ties 10 of 10
    Twisty Ties
    Jason Wu (via TMagazine).

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