12 Incredible Home Play Areas


It’s a dream of mine to have some kind of set apart play area in my home. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor or both! I was always jealous of the kids who had rad play rooms or outdoor play equipment. I was still their friends, but maybe I used some of them. Just a little bit. I think kids need a fun and safe space to create and play and just be them! These home play areas are pretty amazing and totally inspiring. They make me jealous. I am determined to build a room like one of these for my little guy someday. Hopefully someday soon! Check them out! You’ll see what all the jealousy is about.

  • Play Areas That Inspire 1 of 13

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  • Play And Work 2 of 13
    play areas 01

    This room seems to have it all. Work and play and a lot of pretty colors. 

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  • Deck 3 of 13
    play areas 02

    If you have a raised deck, please make the lower part a fun play area. It seems like the perfect thing! 

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  • Pink 4 of 13
    play areas 03

    This space has a little bit of everything. Toys, magnets, chalkboard. The color of course could be change to anything. 

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  • Loft 5 of 13
    play areas 04

    This is such a great use of an awkwardly shaped room. I love the swinging chair! 

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  • Bright 6 of 13
    play areas 05

    I love all of the color in this one! A lot of oranges and yellow and then pops of colors from toys and crayons. Very kid-friendly. 

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  • Neutral 7 of 13
    play areas 06

    This room is neutral but still a lot of fun. I love all the wood elements! 

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  • Areas 8 of 13
    play areas 07

    This space is rad. The fun and imaginative toys, and the gymnastic rings are amazing. I love that right in the next room it continues with books! 

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  • Modern 9 of 13
    play areas 08

    This is a dream playroom. It's simple and not cluttered but still has plenty of fun elements! I mean, a slide indoors? Yes, please! 

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  • Chalkboard Walls 10 of 13
    play areas 09

    Sure you might get chalk dust all over the place, but it's a lot of fun and looks pretty rad. 

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  • Clean 11 of 13
    play areas 10

    I love the clean look of this room. All of the white and the fun shelves are perfect. 

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  • Eclectic 12 of 13
    play areas 11

    Why not decorate a little with some fun kid art? And of course, teepees are always welcome. 

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  • Stripes 13 of 13
    play areas 12

    How fun would a striped ceiling like this be? It kind of looks like a circus tent to me. And I love all of the open book storage! 

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