12 Pretty Easter Dresses For Baby Girl


Easter is coming up and in my family that always means the girls get new, pretty dresses! You can’t mess with tradition. Here are 12 pretty Easter dresses that would be perfect on your baby girl.

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    Click through to see all the frilly and floral action...
  • Pleated 2 of 13
    How beautiful is this dress. The pleats are too much.
    Buy it here for $49.95 at Gap.
  • Polka Dots 3 of 13
    Polka Dots
    A cute and perfectly pastel polka dotted dress. So cute!
    Buy it here for $24.95 at Gap.
  • Chamray 4 of 13
    Add some fun tights and a headband to this simple dress for the perfect Easter outfit.
    Buy it here for $29.95 at Gap.
  • Lace 5 of 13
    For a dressier look try this empire waisted lace dress might be just the thing.
    Buy it here for $19.94 at Old Navy.
  • Watercolor Floral 6 of 13
    Watercolor Floral
    Pretty colors combined with watercolor and flowers? Yeah, it's perfect.
    Buy it here for $19.94 at Old Navy.
  • Yellow Piping 7 of 13
    Yellow Piping
    A sunshine dress for your sunny girl. The little detailed piping is adorable.
    Buy it here for $19.94 at Old Navy.
  • Rainbow Polkadots 8 of 13
    Rainbow Polkadots
    Rainbows and polka dots? I love it.
    Buy it here for $23.07 at Gymboree.
  • Knit 9 of 13
    How cute is this knit dress? The color is cute and the neck is just too cool.
    Buy it here for $33.60 at Mini Boden.
  • Tea 10 of 13
    A pretty tea time dress for your little lady. I love the vintage feel of this one.
    Buy it here for $36 at Mini Boden.
  • Jersey Floral 11 of 13
    Jersey Floral
    A simple floral dress for her Easter. You can't really go wrong with floral.
    Buy it here for $24 at Mini Boden.
  • Blooming Lily 12 of 13
    Blooming Lily
    The yellow shade of this pretty number shouts spring. Buy it here for $42.00 from Tea
  • Dot Print Party Dress 13 of 13
    Dot Print Party Dress
    I love the mod pattern of this dress and the neckline and sleeves are incredibly cute. Buy it here for $45.00 from Tea

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