13 Amazing String Light DIYs


Whether they are for a party or not, everyone loves string lights! Here are some amazing DIYs that all use string lights in one way or another. So clever and so pretty!

  • DIYs With String Lights! 1 of 14

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  • Cotton Candy 2 of 14
    string lights diy 01

    Seriously? These little cotton candy lights are too cute! 

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  • Geometric 3 of 14
    string lights diy 02

    Of course I love these. How could I not? I think I need some. 

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  • Origami 4 of 14
    string lights diy 03

    This would add a perfect simple touch to your next gathering. So pretty. 

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  • Birthday Hats! 5 of 14
    string lights diy 04

    These are so much fun! I'm on the look out for some cute birthday hats now. 

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  • House Headboard 6 of 14
    string lights diy 05

    If I needed a headboard, I would definitely be doing this. Attaching it to a clapper, of course. 

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  • Fringe 7 of 14
    string lights diy 06

    Cute and fringy and you can make them in whatever colors you want! Perfect. 

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  • Pennants 8 of 14
    string lights diy 07

    These are amazing! I love them so much I want to make one of my son's name and have it up permanently. 

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  • Shells 9 of 14
    string lights diy 09

    Shells can be a tricky thing to have as party decor. It's hard not to be tacky! These shells do it perfectly. 

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  • Egg Carton Flowers 10 of 14
    string lights 08

    Just cut and paint! So easy. This would make a great afternoon craft. 

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  • Marquee 11 of 14
    string lights diy 10

    You've probably seen it before, but I just had to include it. I love it. 

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  • Dixie Cups 12 of 14
    string lights diy 11

    If you can find some cute dixie cups. Make this. Please. 

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  • Candy 13 of 14
    string lights diy 12

    These would be so perfect for an ice cream party or any other party with great food. 

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  • Cupcake Liners 14 of 14
    string lights diy 13

    Make some adorable flower lights with cupcake liners! These are so fun and colorful. Perfect for a casual get together. 

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