13 Best New Items From West Elm


I love browsing the fall catalogs I get in the mail. Especially West Elm! We have been long time fans of West Elm and browsing their newest catalogs are like candy. There are so many amazing new additions, it was a little hard to narrow it down! These are the best items (in my humble opinion) from West Elms new fall line! Enjoy and good luck not buying it all!

  • New From West Elm 1 of 14

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  • Love Seat 2 of 14
    fall catalog 01

    Maybe the most beautiful love seat there ever was. You gotta love a great wingback! 

    Get it here for $1,099 from West Elm.

  • Round Coffee Table 3 of 14
    fall catalog 02

    I love this because you can see through it so it gives the illusion of taking up less space. Plus, it's white! 

    Get it here for $249 from West Elm

  • Sectional 4 of 14
    fall catalog 03

    This couch has some pretty great lines to it. And unlike a lot of pretty couches, it actually looks comfortable! 

    Get it here for $1,599 from West Elm

  • Hexagon Tables 5 of 14
    fall catalog 04

    These look amazing, don't they? I love the marble tops and the super modern and clean geometric shapes. So rad. 

    Get them here for $179 from West Elm. 

  • Round Dining Table 6 of 14
    fall catalog 05

    Such a gorgeous round dining table. Perfect for smaller spaces. 

    Get it here for $499 from West Elm

  • Rocking Chair 7 of 14
    fall catalog 06

    This is such a fantastic rocking chair. Think I can justify it for the new baby?

    Get it here for $899 from West Elm

  • Dining Table 8 of 14
    fall catalog 07

    If you are looking for a great table for your dining room, this might be the one. Isn't it pretty? 

    Get it here for $749 from West Elm

  • Desk 9 of 14
    fall catalog 08

    This desk kind of makes my heart sing. Those legs are amazing! 

    Get it here for $599 from West Elm

  • Mini Pouf 10 of 14
    fall catalog 09

    This mini pouf looks like it would be the perfect size for a foot stool or extra seat for a little one. I love the uneven stripes. Very cute. 

    Get it here for $149 from West Elm

  • Chevron Dresser 11 of 14
    fall catalog 10

    Um, I think this dresser is a must have. It's gorgeous! It would look great in a room that needs a little something special. 

    Get it here for $899 from West Elm

  • Wood Dresser 12 of 14
    fall catalog 11

    I love the texture of this dresser. The wood is a beautiful rich color and it's made from reclaimed wood! 

    Get it here for $699 from West Elm

  • Vase 13 of 14
    fall catalog 12

    This vase is pretty awesome. I might need to DIY it. If I can. 

    Get it here for $39 from West Elm

  • Rhino 14 of 14
    fall catalog 13

    Everybody needs a cool brass rhino, right? It would look awesome on a book shelf or dresser. 

    Get it here for $29 from West Elm


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