15 Awesome Cardboard DIYs


I remember loving making things from cardboard boxes … mainly little houses where no siblings were admitted. Here are 15 awesome cardboard DIYs for both the kids and you grown ups!

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  • Pretty House 2 of 16
    cardboard 01

    I would have loved this when I was little. Isn't it adorable? I am in love with that chimney. 

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  • Tissue Holder 3 of 16
    cardboard 02

    In case you need a tissue box holder. And if not, you should make it anyway. 

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  • Toy Castle 4 of 16
    cardboard 03

    It's been around the blog-o-sphere at least a dozen times, but it's still one of my favorites. 

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  • Shape Sorter 5 of 16
    cardboard 04

    I think I'll have to make this for Beck. Too cute. 

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  • Necklace 6 of 16
    cardboard 05

    I almost can't believe it's cardboard. I want that colorful one. 

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  • Kids Necklace 7 of 16
    cardboard 06

    And we can't leave out the kiddos. I love the neon string, so cute! 

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  • Camera 8 of 16
    cardboard 07

    How about a cute toy camera? Beck would love this. 

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  • Car + Pump 9 of 16
    cardboard 08

    I don't know which is cuter, but together they are amazing. I love the colors on the pump! 

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  • Kitchen 10 of 16
    cardboard 09

    Honestly, the fridge is killing me. And how about that girl's socks? Awesome. 

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  • Tent 11 of 16
    cardboard 10

    This is perfect for summer afternoons outside. Maybe even nap time! (fingers crossed)

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  • Frames 12 of 16
    cardboard 11

    These frames make me think "blamo!" So of course I like them. 

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  • Marquee Letter 13 of 16
    cardboard 12

    It's too easy not to try to make one. It'll light up your life. Ha! 

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  • Marble Run 14 of 16
    cardboard 13

    A peg board and some paper towel rolls and you've got yourself a pretty rad marble run!

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  • Planter 15 of 16
    cardboard 14

    I don't think there are exact instructions for this one, but dang it's cool. 

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  • Rhino 16 of 16
    cardboard 15

    I don't know about you, but I definitely want a rhino holding my pens. 

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