15 Best DIY Ornaments From Martha Stewart


It’s that time of year! Time to get busy making gifts, putting up the tree and making some pretty DIY ornaments to go on it. This year I thought I would borrow some ideas from none other than Martha Stewart. There were so many fantastic DIY ornaments on her site it was hard for me to choose! Here are 15 of my personal favorites that you can take a gander at and enjoy too. Check them out!

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    martha 01

    These painted glass ornaments are gorgeous! I love the colors. The orange is killing me! 

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  • Jewelry 3 of 17
    martha 02

    If you are a jewelry kind of person, why not decorate your tree with some? These easy ornaments look like they cost a lot, but we know better. 

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    martha 03

    These might be some of my favorites! I love the idea of having a tree just for the kids and these ornaments would be perfect for a kids tree! So colorful and fun.

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    martha 04

    These veneer ornaments are so rad. They would be perfect for making your tree a little more modern and fun. 

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  • Picture Frames 6 of 17
    martha 05

    Isn't this a cute idea? I think it would be fun to cover the tree in your favorite pictures from throughout the year. 

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    martha 06

    It doesn't get much more festive than pinecones! These ornaments are lovely and perfectly woodsy. I love the blue accents! 

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  • Hardware Cloth 8 of 17
    martha 07

    I don't know what hardware cloth is, but if this is it, I like it. Aren't these gorgeous? I want some!

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  • Metallic Glass 9 of 17
    martha 08

    Go all silver and gold with these pretty metallic ornaments. I love that little branch. So pretty! 

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  • Plaid 10 of 17
    martha 09

    I do love me some plaid. I have it all over the place these days and these ornaments would add some plaid to my tree too! 

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  • Recycled 11 of 17
    martha 10

    This would be a really fun afternoon craft to do with the little ones. It's a great way to teach about recycling too! 

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  • Cookie Cutters 12 of 17
    martha 11

    Not only would these cookie cutters look adorable on your tree, but the ornaments would make great gifts for friends and neighbors too! 

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  • Tissue Paper Stars 13 of 17
    martha 12

    These kind of look like sea urchins to me, but that just makes me like these even more! They will look amazing on pretty much any tree.

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  • Fruit 14 of 17
    martha 13

    It's pretty and I am sure it smells amazing! This would be another great one to make with the kids. So fun! 

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  • Glittery Bears 15 of 17
    martha 14

    I love these little guys! I think I would be tempted to make some white ones for polar bears. So cute! 

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  • Paper Punched 16 of 17
    martha 15

    These are some of my favorites! I love the little pretty details and you can add any images in the centers you would like. Which would be a lot of fun for the whole family. 

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