15 Best DIY Projects of the Week!


You can either look at this week’s best DIYs as really late or super early, but either way here they are and they’re awesome. I have been loving seeing all of the fall festive crafts making their way into the blog-o-sphere. I’ve seen lots of apple themed DIYs and fall dinner party prep items, you get it. My favorites this week are the fall table runner, the suspenders for kids, and the apple pie toppers. I mean, how can you go wrong with apple pie toppers? And is there anything cuter than a little kid in some super dapper suspenders? No. There isn’t. So get logged into your Pinterest account, get your craft shopping list ready, and whatever else you need to check out this week’s best DIYs of the week, do it. You can thank me later!

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  • Masks 2 of 16
    best DIY 01

    How cute are these adorable animal masks? So easy and fun! 

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  • Key Fobs 3 of 16
    best DIY 02

    Make some colorful key fobs! Totally customizable and fun. These would be great to make at a craft night.

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  • Trivets 4 of 16
    best DIY 03

    I strongly believe that one can't have too many trivets. These black and white wooden ones are awesome.

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  • Pretty Pouches 5 of 16
    best DIY 04

    Who doesn't need a pretty pouch? Maybe for a coin purse, or a card case? You know you want one. 

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  • Marble Coffee Table 6 of 16
    best DIY 05

    This coffee table looks like it would be super heavy and cost even more than it weighs. The truth is, it's an Ikea hack! Check it out. 

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  • Money Bank 7 of 16
    best DIY 06

    If you have an oatmeal canister and some duct tape, you need to make this for your kid. 

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  • Stamped Clementine Wall 8 of 16
    best DIY 07

    I never thought I would want to stamp a wall in my kitchen, but now I do! These little clementines are just too cute. 

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  • Apple Topper 9 of 16
    best DIY 08

    This topper is so fall festive! Not to mention adorable. 

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  • Suspenders 10 of 16
    best DIY 09

    Could a kid look any cuter than in a pair of suspenders? I think not. 

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  • Wallpaper Gallery 11 of 16
    best DIY 10

    If you can't commit to one wallpaper design, try them all! This is a genius way to spruce up a bare hallway. 

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  • Hinged Puppets 12 of 16
    best DIY 11

    I don't know why, but I think these puppets are hilarious! The kids are sure to have hours of fun with them. 

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  • Cutting Boards 13 of 16
    best DIY 12

    Make these super easy and simple cutting boards for your next dinner party. I love the house shape! 

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  • Stamped Table Runner 14 of 16
    best DIY 13

    I was literally just shopping for a new table runner for fall. This one is kind of perfect for fall gatherings.

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  • Bouquet Of Pencils 15 of 16
    best DIY 14

    One of my favorite lines from a movie, ever. These are adorable. If you know the quote, you need to make these pencils. 

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  • Toadstool Toppers 16 of 16
    best DIY 15

    These little mushroom toppers are too cute! Come up with any excuse you need to and make them. 

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