15 Best DIY Projects of the Week!


This week is full of DIY goodness! There’s a little bit of everything; there are things for around the house including a golden door and some pretty planters and there are things for the littles like some toys and some pretty amazing leather shoes. But my favorite part is all the great Halloween DIYs floating around. I mean, there are just so many awesome ones for Halloween parties, kids toys, and the like. There is even a skeleton hand that you can move around and manipulate by pulling strings. How fun is that? I bet you’re dying to see it … pun intended. Enjoy this week’s best DIYs and happy crafting!

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  • Leather Crowns 2 of 15
    best DIY 01

    How adorable are these little golden crowns? They would be perfect for a little one's birthday party! 

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  • Golden Glassware 3 of 15
    best DIY 02

    I think I am in love with these glasses. Aren't they gorgeous? I need that polka dot one. 

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  • Gold Door 4 of 15
    best DIY 03

    Who wouldn't love this door? I mean really. It's so easy and would be such a perfect touch to liven up your space. 

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  • Wrapped Bottles 5 of 15
    best DIY 04

    This is such a pretty and fun way to display the drinks for your next party. The dots are killing me! 

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  • Marbled Pumpkins 6 of 15
    best DIY 05

    I'm kind of a sucker for anything marbled. It's one of my weaknesses. These little pumpkins are so easy and so unique. You know you want some. 

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  • Pretty Planters 7 of 15
    best DIY 07

    Aren't these planters fun? I love the colors and the little textured prints. So cute! 

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  • Cardboard Ears 8 of 15
    BEST DIY 08

    Maybe the perfect Halloween outfit for a little one. If you can get them to keep them on their head. 

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  • Boo Bags 9 of 15
    best DIY 09

    I love the simplicity of these little party favor bags. Now I want to throw a party just so I can have these as the favors. 

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  • Spook Pops 10 of 15
    best DIY 10

    These are such a clever and fantastic alternative to the classic tissue covered ghost pops. Love that skeleton! 

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  • Jack-O-Lantern Cups 11 of 15
    best DIY 11

    Have some mason jars that you want to put to good use? Make these! So cute. 

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  • Leather Shoes 12 of 15
    best DIY 12

    When I first saw these adorable shoes I thought "I need to buy these." Then I saw that it was a DIY and I thought "done." 

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  • Skeleton Stamping 13 of 15
    best DIY 13

    This is such a fun idea! The kids (and you) will love playing with these stamps. 

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  • Ribbon Bags 14 of 15
    best DIY 14

    This is such an easy DIY that it's barely a DIY at all! Download the cute sticker ribbons, print them out and stick them on. Bam! Instant party bags.

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  • Moveable Skeleton Hand 15 of 15
    best DIY 15

    This is a great one for the kids. It's a skeleton hand that you manipulate by pulling some strings. Just help them stay away from that finger in the middle. 

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