15 Children's Parties You'll Wish You Were Invited To


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I love throwing parties of all types but my favorites are those for kids. There are so many fun themes and color palettes you can play with and of course it’s always fun to see the honoree go crazy with excitement. Kids just know how to celebrate.

Are you planning a celebration soon? Here are 15 favorite parties that will leave you looking forward to crafting decorations and frosting a cake.

  • Monster Bash 1 of 15
    Monster Bash
    Handmade felt monster crowns are sure to please the guests.
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  • French Cafe 2 of 15
    French Cafe
    Don't forget to wear your striped shirts to this first birthday party centered around all things France.
    See more of this party from Heather Mildenstein
  • Breakfast Bash 3 of 15
    Breakfast Bash
    I'm a huge fan of breakfast food and love that this theme could fit a child of any age.
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  • Big Top 4 of 15
    Big Top
    The circus has been a popular theme for parties lately and it's no wonder since you can do so much with the inspiration it lends.
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  • Election Day 5 of 15
    Election Day
    This would be a great theme for 2012 since it's an election year.
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  • Airplane 6 of 15
    Putting snacks in a vintage suitcase is a cute little detail.
    See more of this party on Armelle
  • Baseball 7 of 15
    This party is filled with cute details, my favorite being the homemade felt pennants.
    See more of this party on Katie's Pencil Box
  • Flowers 8 of 15
    A theme can be as simple as an object and a color palette. Take for instance this pretty purple flower party.
    See more of this party from Natalie Norton
  • Confetti 9 of 15
    Pull out the crepe paper to make simple streamers and confetti and you've got yourself a party.
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  • Cardboard Box 10 of 15
    Cardboard Box
    Going with the theme of cardboard box shows that even the simplest of materials can create a great party.
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  • Sweet First Birthday 11 of 15
    Sweet First Birthday
    I wish somebody would throw me a party that was as pretty as this. I love the simple but thoughtful details.
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  • Supergirl 12 of 15
    You can easily make superhero costumes from materials you probably already have. I love this birthday girl's attitude.
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  • Cherry 13 of 15
    Stephanie always comes up with cute but unexpected themes for her children's parties.
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  • Polka Dot 14 of 15
    Polka Dot
    I think it would be great fun to cover your entire house in paper dots.
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  • Sherbert 15 of 15
    You can't go wrong with a party based off of ice cream. I love the pastel color palette.
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