15 Easy DIY Art Projects!


I love simple and fun art. What’s better than making some simple, fun and easy art of your own? Here are 15 super easy and awesome DIY art projects!

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    DIY art

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  • Scrap Wood 2 of 16
    diy art 01

    How cool is this piece? It looks like it belongs in a museum. 

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  • Scrap Paper 3 of 16
    diy art 02

    In case you were wondering what to do with all those piles of pretty paper you have. 

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  • Opposites 4 of 16
    diy art 03

    Some pretty rad opposite pieces. Perfect for his and hers sides of the room. 

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  • Dots! 5 of 16
    diy art 04

    This would be a great afternoon-filler. Such an awesome statement piece! 

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  • City Scape 6 of 16
    diy art 05

    This would be such a fun project and I love how simple and modern it is! 

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  • Abstract 7 of 16
    diy art 06

    I absolutely love this one. I want these exact paintings for my house. 

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  • Animal Installation 8 of 16
    diy art 07

    This one would take a while, but it's easy enough and so worth it. 

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  • Dinos 9 of 16
    diy art 08

    It's a little strange, but my guess is most little boys would love this. 

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  • Blocks 10 of 16
    diy art 09

    I really, really like this one. For so many reasons. But mainly I just think it's fun. 

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  • Glass Stenciled 11 of 16
    diy art 10

    This is a cool little twist. Make the frame into the art! Clever.

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  • Paint Chips 12 of 16
    diy art 11

    So simple and colorful. I love it! 

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  • Bubbles 13 of 16
    diy art 12

    Cute , easy and colorful. What else do you need? 

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  • Bold + Graphic 14 of 16
    diy art 13

    Sometimes you need some bold and graphic art. 

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  • Potato Stamped 15 of 16
    diy art 14

    You have to love a good potato stamp. Add that with some colorful dots and I'm sold. 

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  • Scallops 16 of 16
    diy art 15

    For girls they're called scallops, for boys they're scales. Either way, I dig em'. 

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